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  1. devious
  2. facetious
  3. capricious
  4. destitute
  5. precipitious
  1. a determined by chance or impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason
  2. b extremely or impassibly steep
  3. c lacking in food, clothing, and shelter
  4. d dishonest or crafty
  5. e not meant to be taken literally, joking, often at in

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  1. tending to win over/sway ppl's decisions
  2. certain to happen; impossible to avoid
  3. to strive to equal or excel mostly through imitation
  4. beginner, a person new to something
  5. when a person talks a lot

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  1. abstractlacking in food, clothing, and shelter


  2. propensitytendency or inclination to do something


  3. squandertruthful and straightforward


  4. sedentaryrequiring sitting or little activity


  5. stringentspend wastefully


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