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  1. sedentary
  2. cognizant
  3. affinity
  4. emulate
  5. abstract
  1. a requiring sitting or little activity
  2. b having a quality that is completely different from anything
  3. c to strive to equal or excel mostly through imitation
  4. d having or showing knowledge
  5. e a natural attraction to a person or liking of a thing

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  1. not meant to be taken literally, joking, often at in
  2. puzzling person, event, or situation
  3. beginner, a person new to something
  4. an authorative principle, belief, or statement of ideas or opinion especially one to be considered absolutely true
  5. truthful and straightforward

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  1. lugubriouswhen a person talks a lot


  2. homogenouscomposed of similar or identical parts of elements


  3. deviousdishonest or crafty


  4. insidiousto act in an evil way


  5. loquaciousmournful, dismal, or gloomy


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