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  1. Wyrd
  2. Comedy (Medieval definition)
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  2. b Anglo-Saxon word for fate The idea that everyone has an appointed time and place to die. This is why they would go into battle with no regard to protecting themselves.

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  4. a long work of fiction
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  1. The TheatreBuilt by Shakespeare and investors. Could hold several thousand people. Poor stood on ground (1 penny) and wealthy sat in balconies- as much as 3 pennies, or on the stage. Theater- open air, no lighting, trapdoors/rigging. Only male actors. The theater closed at specific intervals due to plague and actually burned and was rebuilt but the Puritans closed it down later. The New Globe is very similar to original.


  2. Humanisma philosophy in which interests and values of human beings are of primary importance


  3. Mystery Playa type of allegorical drama (fifteenth century) making a moral or religious point.


  4. Folk epicabout an ethnic hero. lacks organization its plot is eposodic and undefined.


  5. Divine JusticeTheater that William Shakespeare owned and wrote plays for.


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