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  1. Folk epic
  2. Essay
  3. Boast (as in Beowulf)
  4. Decameron
  1. a about an ethnic hero. lacks organization its plot is eposodic and undefined.
  2. b literary work by Boccaccio which was composed of 100 vulgar tales told by three men and seven women in a country retreat from the plague that ravaged Florence in 1348; both a stringing social commentary (sexual/economic misconduct) and a sympathetic look at human behavior
  3. c Boast about what they would do in battle - that psyched him up for the contest and guaranteed that he would not lose is nerve.
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  2. political system based on bonds of loyalty between lords and vassals
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  1. Wyrd...


  2. Protestantism...


  3. Bubonic PlagueIn the early Middle Ages, non-church literature tended to be about figures such as Beowulf, Siegfried, and Roland. 476-1300 AD after the fall of the Roman Empire


  4. Harrowing of hell (Dante)...


  5. LimboAnglo-Saxon word for fate The idea that everyone has an appointed time and place to die. This is why they would go into battle with no regard to protecting themselves.


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