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  1. The word element emesis means
  2. Deoxygenated blood enters the right atrium of the
  3. The medical term for straightening of a body part is called
  4. Inflammation of the nasal mucosa results in
  5. When the right atrium contracts it forces blood through the tricuspid valve into the
  1. a vomiting
  2. b rhinitis
  3. c heart
  4. d right ventricle
  5. e extension

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  1. pleurisy
  2. larynx
  3. pleural effusion
  4. shoulder bone
  5. infants and young children

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  1. Interventricular septumbrings blood back from lower portion of body to heart


  2. A rubber or plastic tube used to drain or inject fluid through a body opening is calledflexion


  3. Trapeziusthe pointed end of the heart which extends slightly to the left and rests on the diaphragm


  4. The medical term for a group of cells with the same functiontissue


  5. The divisions of the trachea which enters the lungs are calledgastric


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