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  1. Apex
  2. When the patient makes abnormal noises like snoring sounds when they are breathing, it is called
  3. The right ventricle pumps the used blood to the lungs by the
  4. An apical pulse is the method of choice for
  5. Latissimus dorsi
  1. a stertorous respiration
  2. b the pointed end of the heart which extends slightly to the left and rests on the diaphragm
  3. c broad, flat muscle on each side of the middle back
  4. d pulmonary artery
  5. e infants and young children

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  1. rotation
  2. cholelithiasis
  3. lavage
  4. decubitus ulcers
  5. bronchi

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  1. The medical term for bending backward is calleddorsiflexion


  2. One of the vital functions of long bones is the formation ofinfants and young children


  3. Located between the pharynx and the trachea, containing the vocal cordslarynx


  4. The medical term for bending of a body part is calledflexion


  5. Inflammation of the pleurapleurisy


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