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  1. Inferior vena cava
  2. Inflammation of the retina is called
  3. Latissimus dorsi
  4. The word element emesis means
  5. The medical term for moving a body part away from the body
  1. a abduction
  2. b retinitis
  3. c broad, flat muscle on each side of the middle back
  4. d vomiting
  5. e brings blood back from lower portion of body to heart

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  1. pneumothorax
  2. atrophy
  3. Collarbone
  4. deviated septum
  5. tissue

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  1. The point where air enters the respiratory tractvomiting


  2. Myocardiummiddle layer of the heart wall.


  3. The word element stomato meansvomiting


  4. The science of the function of cells, tissues, and organs of the body is calledphysiology


  5. A gallbladder disorder involving stones int the gallbladder ischolelithiasis


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