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  1. Lesions of the mucous membrane of the stomach are called
  2. The medical term for a group of cells with the same function
  3. Inflammation of the retina is called
  4. Duodenum
  5. The point where air enters the respiratory tract
  1. a nasal cavity
  2. b gastric
  3. c retinitis
  4. d first portion of the small intestine
  5. e tissue

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  1. pronation
  2. purkinje fibers
  3. heart
  4. physiology
  5. pneumothorax

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  1. If the septum of the heart has an abnormal opening it is calledseptal defect


  2. The medical term fir a decrease in size or a wasting is calledatrophy


  3. Sacrumbone extending from the shoulder to the elbow


  4. The windpipe which conducts air between the larynx and the lungs is calledtrachea


  5. Latissimus dorsibroad, flat muscle on each side of the middle back


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