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  1. This group includes octupus, squids and cuttle fish
  2. Uses foot to move or stay stationary or dig
  3. A mollusk uses its ________ to obtain oxygen from the water.
  4. The group which contains the largest variety of mollusks.
  5. The group which has two shells held together by a hinge and muscles
  6. They are invertebrates with a soft unsegmented body with a shell, mantle and foot.

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  1. gastropodsWhich group has a foot adapted to form tentacles that surround the mouth


  2. bivalvesClams and oysters are examples of animals in this group.


  3. cephalopodsThe group with a broad foot used to move


  4. bivalvesA mollusk uses its ________ to obtain oxygen from the water.


  5. cephalopodsWhich group has a complex brain and well developed nervous system?


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