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  1. Pedophobia
  2. Pedant
  3. Pedantic
  4. Encyclopedic
  5. Encyclopedia
  1. a A work offering alphabetically arranged information on various branches of knowledge
  2. b Irrational fear of children
  3. c Comprehensive, broad
  4. d Academic
  5. e A narrow minded teacher

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  1. Teacher of children
  2. One who practices orthopedics
  3. Pediatric dentistry
  4. One who practices pedodontics
  5. One who possesses an abnormal sexual desire for children

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  1. PediatricsBranch of medicine dealing with the care, development, and diseases of babies and children


  2. PediatricianPhysician specializing in the treatment of babies/children


  3. PedagogyTeacher of children


  4. PedologyStudy of behavior and development of children


  5. OrthopedicThe science of dealing with the correction and prevention of deformities especially in children


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