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  1. Pedagogue
  2. Pedology
  3. Pedant
  4. Pedagogy
  5. Pedobaptism
  1. a The art of teaching
  2. b A narrow minded teacher
  3. c Baptism of infants
  4. d Study of behavior and development of children
  5. e Teacher of children

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  1. One who practices pedodontics
  2. One who possesses an abnormal sexual desire for children
  3. Branch of medicine dealing with the care, development, and diseases of babies and children
  4. Academic
  5. One who practices orthopedics

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  1. EncyclopediaComprehensive, broad


  2. PedodonticsPediatric dentistry


  3. PediatricianPhysician specializing in the treatment of babies/children


  4. PedophobiaAbnormal sexual desire in adults for children


  5. PedantryAn adherence to the rules


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