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  1. Pedophilia
  2. Pedagogy
  3. Orthopedist
  4. Pedodontist
  5. Pediatrician
  1. a Abnormal sexual desire in adults for children
  2. b The art of teaching
  3. c One who practices orthopedics
  4. d One who practices pedodontics
  5. e Physician specializing in the treatment of babies/children

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  1. Comprehensive, broad
  2. A narrow minded teacher
  3. One who possesses an abnormal sexual desire for children
  4. Child
  5. Academic

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  1. PedantryA narrow minded teacher


  2. EncyclopediaComprehensive, broad


  3. PedologyStudy of behavior and development of children


  4. PedodonticsOne who practices pedodontics


  5. PedologistOne who practices pedology


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