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  1. Cycl
  2. Subterranean
  3. Bi
  4. Aquatic
  5. Teleconference
  1. a Wheel
  2. b Under the Earth
  3. c Living in or having to do with water
  4. d A meeting using long distance devices
  5. e Two

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  1. Having only part of the value of a precious gemstone
  2. To cut
  3. A broadcast by television
  4. Around
  5. Three

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  1. ScopeDistant, far away


  2. AstrStar, outter space


  3. InsomniaA state of sleeplessness; ongoing condition


  4. ig, il, im, irA state of sleeplessness; ongoing condition


  5. InactiveNot active; not moving


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