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  1. battle of yorktown
  2. currency act
  3. boston massacre
  4. Battle of Saratoga
  5. townshend acts
  1. a Horatio Gates and Benedict Arnold capture John Burgoyne and 9,500 British; Because of the battle the French noticed the Americans were willing to fight and decided to join with the Americans; if it wasn't for the French, the British may have won the war.
  2. b Cornwallis surrounded by the French fleet and surrendered to Washington; Over 7,000 British and Hessians became prisoners; Added to setbacks in other parts of the world, the British decided to end the war.
  3. c eventually puts taxes on everything but tea- a token of parliamentry authority, taxes various colonial imports such as glass, paint lead, and paper
  4. d colonies could no longer issue their own paper currency; whatever was in circulation was worthless
  5. e British soldiers were stealing jobs stationed after the proclomation of 1763. Soldiers had to compete with the lower class for jobs. Soldiers kill 5 colonists out of a protest mob and injure 8. Ironically townshend acts were repealed that day except tea (no telephones) two years of relative peace followed

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  1. assumed the role as Revolutionary government, the massachusetts militia that surrounded british held boston was adopted as the continental army. Fredrick von steuben taught them to fight. they were "regular people" all fredrick did was train them. Washington was the head of the continental army. To declare independance.
  2. enlightened document made by enlightened thinkers; first draft was written by Richard Henry Lee; based on argument primarily on the contract theory of government developed by John Locke: power comes from the consent of the people; blames king george lll; americans no longer consider themselves english
  3. written by Thomas Paine; a phamplet that urged the colonists to fight for their independance
  4. the american revolution became a global war; britain was fighting with America, France, Spain, and the Dutch. They were also fighting in India, the West Indies, and Florida; the British realized their empire was at stake.
  5. had the strongest navy in the world, had "manpower?" and had professional armies and mercenaries

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  1. battle of bunker hillit was the 1st major fight of the war, americans were laying to siege to Boston from high ground of Charlestown; took place at Breed's hill. Americans were at the top of the hill; muskets used were not accurate but could cause a lot of damage; they had to see the whites of eyes of enemies to shoot. Protest turned into fighting; bloodiest battle of the war.


  2. quartering actrequired colonists to provide provisions and barracks or submit to the use of inns and vacant buildings for British soilders


  3. stamp act congressdecides that england has the right to regulate colonies but could not have taxes for revenues. Form of legal opposition.


  4. massachusetts governing actrequired colonists to provide provisions and barracks or submit to the use of inns and vacant buildings for British soilders


  5. turning point of the waron christmas night 1776, Washington slipped across the Delaware River at Trenton (NJ) with 2,400 men and surprised the drunken Hessians, killing or capturing over a thousand of them with only six deaths.


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