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  1. boston tea party
  2. olive branch petition
  3. boston port act
  4. advantages of the british
  5. Battle of Saratoga
  1. a had the strongest navy in the world, had "manpower?" and had professional armies and mercenaries
  2. b closed to commerce until tea was paid
  3. c government was trying to purchase their loyalty and passivity with cheap tea. a group of colonial patriots disguised as mohawk native americans boarded 3 ships and threw 342 chests of east india tea overboard. most of these patriots were making a profit on smuggling tea.
  4. d second continental congress still hopes for compromise; king george lll declares them in rebellion and sends more troops; british troops pull out of boston and retreat to Nova Scotia; patriots were the "underdogs"; british faced not the suppression of a rebellion but the reconquest of a continent; they had more of a will to fight- british did it for a job; king thought there was no need to compromise and that they were going to win (confused on which side king george was on)
  5. e Horatio Gates and Benedict Arnold capture John Burgoyne and 9,500 British; Because of the battle the French noticed the Americans were willing to fight and decided to join with the Americans; if it wasn't for the French, the British may have won the war.

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  1. officials and British soldiers could not be tried in colonies- only in england and canada
  2. decides that england has the right to regulate colonies but could not have taxes for revenues. Form of legal opposition.
  3. short supply lines (got supplies from other colonies; took less time than british) familiarity with area; george washington (smart man, had confidence in his troops) french helped them fight; willing to sustain war (fighting for their way of life; fighting for a cause rather than a pay check)
  4. american printer, author, philosopher, and scientist
  5. stops stamp act based on opposition and protesting, reduced tax on sugar, and reserved the right of Parliament to make laws binding on the colonies

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  1. new quartering act(private homes in boston)


  2. sons of libertyform of extra legal opposition, organized mobbing to intimidate stamp agents and encourage them to resign, and adoption of non-importation agreements of English goods. In charge of the boston tea party and were the colonists rebeling against British.


  3. one of the problems of the warinability to control colonies, raise money, draft men, etc.


  4. second continental congressassumed the role as Revolutionary government, the massachusetts militia that surrounded british held boston was adopted as the continental army. Fredrick von steuben taught them to fight. they were "regular people" all fredrick did was train them. Washington was the head of the continental army. To declare independance.


  5. objective of chapterto analyze the causes of the American Revolution and understand the important events of the war as well as the role played by significant individuals during the conflict.


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