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  1. implacable
  2. exacerbate
  3. jurisdiction
  4. effigy
  5. reprehensible
  1. a n, a likeness (usually of a hated person)
  2. b adj, worthy of blame
  3. c v, to irritate, make worse
  4. d n, power, range of authority
  5. e adj, cannot be pacified, inexorable

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  1. v, show contempt, scoff
  2. v, to drive out, eject
  3. n, a fight
  4. adj, based on whim, dictatorial
  5. n, small fight, brief encounter

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  1. terminaten, to hinder, impede


  2. turbulentadj, unruly, agitated


  3. revertv, return


  4. cognizantadj, aware


  5. stymien, small fight, brief encounter


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