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  1. Carl Hiaasen
  2. ambitious/ determined/ pushy/ eager, caring/concerned, smart
  3. Metaphor
  4. Adapting/being flexible
  5. Roy Eberhardt
  1. a What does the osprey symbolize?
  2. b What is the name of the author of the novel Hoot?
  3. c Who is the speaker in this quote,"I'm glad we got the chance to get to know each other a little better." ?
  4. d What are Officer Delinko's top 3 key traits?
  5. e a figure of speech that makes a DIRECT comparison between two unlike things that have something in common WITHOUT using like or as

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  1. What is the EXACT last line of the novel, Hoot?
  2. Is that this statement true or false, Mullet Fingers buried himself in an owl hole in a school playground?
  3. Who was the important reporter in the story?
  4. What is Roy's last name?
  5. What important character is an only child?

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  1. Roy's bedroomWhere does this quote take place, "You have to decide between your head and your heart?"


  2. Third Person NarratorWhat is Roy's last name?


  3. Stand up for what you believe in, Perseverance and Adapting/ being flexibleWhat does the osprey symbolize?


  4. DavidWhat is Officer Delinko's first name?


  5. two weeksWhat is Beatrice's last name?


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