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  1. Climax
  2. Mullet Fingers
  3. Roy Eberhardt
  4. apology letter
  5. Symbol
  1. a Who said, "In one corner of the lot, there's a construction trailer. That's where the cigarettes are stashed?"
  2. b Roy get suspended from bus for two weeks and has to write a(n) ____________ to Dana.
  3. c a concrete object used to represent an abstract idea in a story
  4. d the most significant and exciting moment in a plot, a turning point when the outcome is decided one way or another
  5. e Which character is very passionate and independent?

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  1. What is Curly's real name?
  2. What is Councilman Bruce Grandy's job in life?
  3. tells Roy to mind his own business
  4. ___________ finds survey stakes pulled out again, alligators in the portable toilets, and deflated tires!
  5. What is Mullet Fingers' real FULL name?

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  1. That's what a real Florida boy would do.What is the EXACT last line of the novel, Hoot?


  2. Chuck E. MuckleWho is Curly's boss?


  3. impatient, cranky, rude, self-centered, pressured by bossWhat is the EXACT last line of the novel, Hoot?


  4. DetectiveWhat is Officer Delinko's dream job?


  5. FalseWhat is Beatrice's last name?


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