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  1. because Dana is slow and fat, therefore he is assuring his escape
  2. Roy had let Mullet Fingers use his name at the hospital. Roy learned to choose his heart, but also used his head to start the Mother Paula protest.
  3. Leep
  4. Adapting/being flexible
  5. Roy Eberhardt
  1. a What does the osprey symbolize?
  2. b Why does MF escape with Dana?
  3. c Who is the audience in the quote, "You have to decide between your head and your heart?"
  4. d What is Beatrice's last name?
  5. e What key event led up to the quote? "You have to decide between your head and your heart?"

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  1. Who said, "In one corner of the lot, there's a construction trailer. That's where the cigarettes are stashed?"
  2. Roy get suspended from bus for two weeks and has to write a(n) ____________ to Dana.
  3. Who does Mullet Fingers escape with?
  4. What is Mullet Fingers' real FULL name?
  5. Who said "I'm glad we got the chance to get to know each other a little better?"

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  1. impatient, cranky, rude, self-centered, pressured by bossWhat are Curly's top 4 key traits?


  2. Third Person Narratorone of the characters tells the story using the pronoun, "I." We only know what this character thinks, feels, and observes.


  3. Symbola figure of speech that compares two unlike things that have something in common using the words "like" or "as"


  4. Roy learns from this quote that following his heart can be a good thing. He steps up and protects the owlsWhy is this quote important, "You have to decide between your head and your heart?"


  5. Mrs. EberhardtWho let the snakes out of the bag?


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