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  1. Third Person Narrator
  2. Councilman Bruce Grandy
  3. determined, independent, passionate, courageous, resourceful
  4. Foreshadowing
  5. Roy Eberhardt
  1. a What are Mullet Fingers' top 5 key traits?
  2. b Who had the environmental papers in their golf bag?
  3. c "all-knowing narrator" - a narrator outside the story tells the tale. This narrator knows everything about all the characters and their problems.
  4. d the use of clues or hints suggesting events that will occur later in the plot
  5. e runs off to find the running boy and is hit by a golf ball

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  1. one of the characters tells the story using the pronoun, "I." We only know what this character thinks, feels, and observes.
  2. Which character is very passionate and independent?
  3. What important character is an only child?
  4. What is Officer Delinko's dream job?
  5. What is Councilman Bruce Grandy's job in life?

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  1. Chuck E. MuckleWho is Curly's boss?


  2. two weeksWhat is Beatrice's last name?


  3. Officer Delinkothe use of clues or hints suggesting events that will occur later in the plot


  4. ambitious/ determined/ pushy/ eager, caring/concerned, smartWhat are Officer Delinko's top 3 key traits?


  5. Roy EberhardtWho said "I'm glad we got the chance to get to know each other a little better?"


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