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  1. Modern-Day in Coconut Cove, Florida
  2. Roy Eberhardt
  3. Roy's bedroom
  4. Carl Hiaasen
  5. David
  1. a Who is the speaker in this quote,"I'm glad we got the chance to get to know each other a little better." ?
  2. b What is the name of the author of the novel Hoot?
  3. c What is the setting of the novel Hoot?
  4. d Where does this quote take place, "You have to decide between your head and your heart?"
  5. e What is Officer Delinko's first name?

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  1. one of the characters tells the story using the pronoun, "I." We only know what this character thinks, feels, and observes.
  2. What is Roy's last name?
  3. Which character is very passionate and independent?
  4. Who punched Dana in the nose?
  5. Who puts the gators in potties in the potties, deflates the tires, and pulls out stakes again?

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  1. does the right thing, determined, flexible/adaptable, courageous, protective, direct, resourceful, matureWhat are Mullet Fingers' top 5 key traits?


  2. Mrs. EberhardtWho said this quote "You have to decide between your head and your heart?"


  3. That's what a real Florida boy would do.What is the EXACT last line of the novel, Hoot?


  4. because Dana is slow and fat, therefore he is assuring his escapeWhat are Curly's top 4 key traits?


  5. determined, independent, passionate, courageous, resourcefulWhat are Mullet Fingers' top 5 key traits?


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