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  1. simple goiter
  2. cobalt
  3. cretinism
  4. wilson's disease
  5. parathyroid hormone
  1. a copper accumulates in liver and brain--copper toxicity
  2. b enlargement of thyroid gland due to iodine deficiency and thyroid gland malfunction
  3. c congenital disease characterized by mental and physical retardation caused from iodine deficiency during pregnancy...severe mental and physical retardation
  4. d increases calcium
  5. e key mineral in B12

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  1. necessary for growth, bone development, normal reproduction
  2. rare inherited zinc melabsorption disease
  3. 140 or below is normal
  4. functions in bone and collagen formation
  5. salts that dissociated into ions

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  1. phytates and oxalatesbind with minerals and prevent their absorption


  2. anionssodium (Na+)
    potassium (K+)
    calcium (Ca+)
    magnesium (Mg++)


  3. 10% of iron consumed isheme iron


  4. calcitoninprotein activated by calcium that helps maintain blood pressure


  5. hemosiderosislong term dietary/supplementary iron overload--deposits of iron storage protein hemosiderin in liver and other tissues (toxicity of iron)


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