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  1. minerals involeved in bone health
  2. vanadium
  3. hypogandism
  4. calcium tetany
  5. non heme iron absorption is inhibited by
  1. a necessary for growth, bone development, normal reproduction
  2. b phytates
    tannic acid (tea/coffee)
  3. c males don't develop capacity to reproduce...zinc deficiency
  4. d calcium, phosphorous, magnesium
  5. e low calcium

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  1. found in animals
  2. rare inherited zinc melabsorption disease
  3. chloride (Cl-)
    bicarbonate (HCO2-)
    phosphate (HPO4-)
    sulfate (SO4-)
  4. key mineral in B12
  5. high calcium

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  1. siliconsodium (Na+)
    potassium (K+)
    calcium (Ca+)
    magnesium (Mg++)


  2. electrolytesdiscoloration and pitting of tooth enamel from excess fluoride during tooth development


  3. keshan diseaseintestinal cells absorb copper but can't release copper in circulation--copper deficiency


  4. cretinismcongenital disease characterized by mental and physical retardation caused from iodine deficiency during pregnancy...severe mental and physical retardation


  5. menkes diseaseselenium deficiency in China


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