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  1. parathyroid hormone
  2. non heme iron
  3. oxalates
  4. anions
  5. myglobin
  1. a oxygen holding protein in muscle cells
  2. b chloride (Cl-)
    bicarbonate (HCO2-)
    phosphate (HPO4-)
    sulfate (SO4-)
  3. c increases calcium
  4. d green leafy vegetables, beets/spinach
  5. e found in animals and plants

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  1. heme iron
  2. MFP factor
    vitamin c
  3. rare inherited zinc melabsorption disease
  4. low calcium
  5. selenium deficiency in China

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  1. 99% of calcium is found inbone and teeth


  2. hemosiderosisfound in animals


  3. vanadiumnecessary for growth, bone development, normal reproduction


  4. fluorosismay play a role in brain activity


  5. calmodulindecreases calcium


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