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  1. hypothyroidism
  2. cretinism
  3. non heme iron
  4. cofactor
  5. 90% of iron consumed is
  1. a non heme iron
  2. b congenital disease characterized by mental and physical retardation caused from iodine deficiency during pregnancy...severe mental and physical retardation
  3. c weight gain and slow BMR from iodine deficiency...goiter
  4. d found in animals and plants
  5. e a mineral that works with an enzyme to facilitate a chemical reaction

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  1. protein activated by calcium that helps maintain blood pressure
  2. body fluids
  3. oxygen holding protein in muscle cells
  4. potassium/sodium
  5. heme iron

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  1. fluorosisdiscoloration and pitting of tooth enamel from excess fluoride during tooth development


  2. acrodermatitis enteropathica90 or below is normal


  3. magnesium is critical tonerve transmission/muscle contraction of HEART


  4. hypogandismmales don't develop capacity to reproduce...zinc deficiency


  5. 99% of calcium is found inbody fluids


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