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  1. heme iron
  2. phytates and oxalates
  3. cofactor
  4. calmodulin
  5. phytates
  1. a bind with minerals and prevent their absorption
  2. b protein activated by calcium that helps maintain blood pressure
  3. c legumes and grains, and seeds
  4. d a mineral that works with an enzyme to facilitate a chemical reaction
  5. e found in animals

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  1. high calcium
  2. hereditary iron metabolism defect leading to iron deposits in tissues (toxicity of iron)
  3. salts that dissociated into ions
  4. males don't develop capacity to reproduce...zinc deficiency
  5. long term dietary/supplementary iron overload--deposits of iron storage protein hemosiderin in liver and other tissues (toxicity of iron)

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  1. non heme iron absorption is enhanced byMFP factor
    vitamin c


  2. cobaltkey mineral in B12


  3. magnesium is critical tonerve transmission/muscle contraction of HEART


  4. 90% of iron consumed isnon heme iron


  5. keshan diseaseselenium deficiency in China


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