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  1. calcium tetany
  2. non heme iron absorption is inhibited by
  3. electrolytes
  4. oxalates
  5. cobalt
  1. a salts that dissociated into ions
  2. b low calcium
  3. c key mineral in B12
  4. d green leafy vegetables, beets/spinach
  5. e phytates
    tannic acid (tea/coffee)

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  1. increases calcium
  2. functions as cofactor for several enzymes
  3. oxygen carrying protein in erythrocytes (RBCs)
  4. 140 or below is normal
  5. protein activated by calcium that helps maintain blood pressure

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  1. anionssodium (Na+)
    potassium (K+)
    calcium (Ca+)
    magnesium (Mg++)


  2. calcitoninsodium (Na+)
    potassium (K+)
    calcium (Ca+)
    magnesium (Mg++)


  3. diastolic90 or below is normal


  4. 99% of calcium is found inbody fluids


  5. heme ironfound in animals


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