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  1. Transversal
  2. adjacent angles
  3. complementary
  4. Line segment
  5. Endpoint
  1. a a line that intersects 2 or more lines
  2. b have a common vertex and a common side but no common interior points
  3. c exactly 90*
  4. d The points st the end of a line segment
  5. e The part of a line that is between two points

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  1. changes the size of a figure
  2. Two lines in the same plane that are the same distance apart and will NEVER touch.
  3. Divides a line segment or angle into two equal parts
  4. exactly 180*
  5. a plane is a flat surface with no thickness. Coordinate planes have lines on them

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  1. transformationto draw geometric shapes and lines with a compass and a straight edge


  2. Corresponding anglesthe opposite angles formed by two intersecting lines.


  3. Right angleexactly 90*


  4. SlideA reflection


  5. reflectiona lin eon a plane is like a mirror. A geometric figure is flipped over on the other side of the line


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