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  1. coordinate plane
  2. Flip
  3. rotation
  4. Turn
  5. Perpendicular
  1. a rotation
  2. b a plane is a flat surface with no thickness. Coordinate planes have lines on them
  3. c turning a figure around a fixed point
  4. d Two lines that intersect to form right angles
  5. e A reflection

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  1. Having the exact same shape or size
  2. exactly 90*
  3. lines that are not on the same plane and do not intersect but they aren't parallel
  4. Two lines in the same plane that are the same distance apart and will NEVER touch.
  5. exactly 180*

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  1. constructionto draw geometric shapes and lines with a compass and a straight edge


  2. Corresponding anglesOn the same side of the transversal and are both above and below .


  3. EndpointThe points st the end of a line segment


  4. transformationturning a figure around a fixed point


  5. vertexrotation


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