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  1. consciousness
  2. women directions
  3. gender norming
  4. effects of sleep deprivation
  5. females- more left brained
  1. a feel deeply-more in touch with their emotions, superior communication skills, better in spoken and written language, more fearful, depressed and tense, bilateral thinkers
  2. b landmarks, stop and ask for directions, attention to detail
  3. c a selective attention to ongoing perception, thoughts and feelings
  4. d sleepiness, irritability, diminished immunity to disease, short attention span/moments of inattention
  5. e lowering a standard for women. ex: military, less push ups. ex: firefighters, help with hose and ladders

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  1. about fighting, protecting something or competing, dreams in black and white, more single characters and strangers ( most likely to be men)
  2. lasts 2 minutes, fantastic images, light sleep, breathing rate and brain waves slow. sensations of falling or hallucinations
  3. sensitivity to small changes in stimuli (tapping of pen) women have more sensitivity
  4. ability to attend to only one voice among many
  5. 1st rise: male sex organs (genitalia)
    2nd rise: makes men more aggressive

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  1. insomniatriggers repressed events and memories


  2. information processing functiona thoery, dreams help sift, sort, and fix in memory our day's experiences


  3. posthypnotic suggestionssuggestions to be carried out after the hypnosis session has ended


  4. males- more right brainedaggressive, manipulate 3d space better, less hormones, excel at math and computation, lateral thinkers, physically stronger


  5. latent contentdreams about our drives and wishes (inaprop if expressed directly)


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