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  1. night terrors
  2. daydreaming
  3. hormone testosterone
  4. females- more left brained
  5. males- more right brained
  1. a 1st rise: male sex organs (genitalia)
    2nd rise: makes men more aggressive
  2. b aggressive, manipulate 3d space better, less hormones, excel at math and computation, lateral thinkers, physically stronger
  3. c feel deeply-more in touch with their emotions, superior communication skills, better in spoken and written language, more fearful, depressed and tense, bilateral thinkers
  4. d in children they sit up and walk around incoherently, heartbeat and breathing rate double, appear terrified, can't be woken up, no memory
  5. e involves the familiar detail of our lives, can help us prepare for future events. helps you imagine an alternative approach to a task of replaying in our minds a wonderful personal encounter.

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  1. a selective attention to ongoing perception, thoughts and feelings
  2. sleep walk or sleep talk, wet the bed, (dont dream in this stage), hard to awaken
  3. about fighting, protecting something or competing, dreams in black and white, more single characters and strangers ( most likely to be men)
  4. landmarks, stop and ask for directions, attention to detail
  5. at any moment awareness is focused on only a limited aspect of all that we are capable of experiencing

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  1. stage 3 sleep20 minutes, burst of brainwave activity


  2. cocktail party effectability to attend to only one voice among many


  3. hypnosistriggers repressed events and memories


  4. proximal sensesmore negative dreams, set indoors, are the victims, feel emotional pain more, revolve around family and home


  5. circadian rhythmhe biological clock; regular bodily rhythms that occur on a 24-hour cycle


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