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  1. night terrors
  2. stage 1 sleep
  3. " child behind the class barrier"
  4. males- more right brained
  5. stage 5 sleep
  1. a aggressive, manipulate 3d space better, less hormones, excel at math and computation, lateral thinkers, physically stronger
  2. b lasts 2 minutes, fantastic images, light sleep, breathing rate and brain waves slow. sensations of falling or hallucinations
  3. c in children they sit up and walk around incoherently, heartbeat and breathing rate double, appear terrified, can't be woken up, no memory
  4. d called REM, you dream, rapid eye movement, paradoxical sleep, meaning exterior part of body does not move but your interior body is arouse ( heart beat and breathing increase and genital arousal)
  5. e girl: cried uses language (left brain)
    boy: tried to knock it down (aggressive-right brain), visual and spacial, manipulating 3D space

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  1. a thoery, dreams help sift, sort, and fix in memory our day's experiences
  2. sleepiness, irritability, diminished immunity to disease, short attention span/moments of inattention
  3. transitional stage
  4. triggers repressed events and memories
  5. 1st rise: male sex organs (genitalia)
    2nd rise: makes men more aggressive

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  1. cocktail party effectability to attend to only one voice among many


  2. female dreamsmore negative dreams, set indoors, are the victims, feel emotional pain more, revolve around family and home


  3. consciousnessa selective attention to ongoing perception, thoughts and feelings


  4. selective attentionat any moment awareness is focused on only a limited aspect of all that we are capable of experiencing


  5. insomniareoccurring problems falling and/ or staying asleep
    cause: stress anxiety. cure: melatonin, lunesta, ambien


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