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  1. women directions
  2. latent content
  3. circadian rhythm
  4. hormone testosterone
  5. hypnosis
  1. a landmarks, stop and ask for directions, attention to detail
  2. b he biological clock; regular bodily rhythms that occur on a 24-hour cycle
  3. c dreams about our drives and wishes (inaprop if expressed directly)
  4. d 1st rise: male sex organs (genitalia)
    2nd rise: makes men more aggressive
  5. e triggers repressed events and memories

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  1. reoccurring problems falling and/ or staying asleep
    cause: stress anxiety. cure: melatonin, lunesta, ambien
  2. suggestions to be carried out after the hypnosis session has ended
  3. more negative dreams, set indoors, are the victims, feel emotional pain more, revolve around family and home
  4. sensitivity to small changes in stimuli (tapping of pen) women have more sensitivity
  5. dreams about our days events

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  1. sleep apneaperson stops breathing while sleeping
    cure: machine, regulates breathing


  2. why do we sleep?to renew our energy


  3. stage 1 sleepcalled REM, you dream, rapid eye movement, paradoxical sleep, meaning exterior part of body does not move but your interior body is arouse ( heart beat and breathing increase and genital arousal)


  4. narcolepsytriggers repressed events and memories


  5. daydreamingabout fighting, protecting something or competing, dreams in black and white, more single characters and strangers ( most likely to be men)


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