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  1. stage 4 sleep
  2. cocktail party effect
  3. men directions
  4. stage 3 sleep
  5. proximal senses
  1. a sensitivity to small changes in stimuli (tapping of pen) women have more sensitivity
  2. b ability to attend to only one voice among many
  3. c maps, north south east west, mile-age
  4. d sleep walk or sleep talk, wet the bed, (dont dream in this stage), hard to awaken
  5. e transitional stage

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  1. a thoery, dreams help sift, sort, and fix in memory our day's experiences
  2. triggers repressed events and memories
  3. to renew our energy
  4. lasts 2 minutes, fantastic images, light sleep, breathing rate and brain waves slow. sensations of falling or hallucinations
  5. he biological clock; regular bodily rhythms that occur on a 24-hour cycle

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  1. daydreaminginvolves the familiar detail of our lives, can help us prepare for future events. helps you imagine an alternative approach to a task of replaying in our minds a wonderful personal encounter.


  2. narcolepsytriggers repressed events and memories


  3. gender norminglowering a standard for women. ex: military, less push ups. ex: firefighters, help with hose and ladders


  4. male dreamsabout fighting, protecting something or competing, dreams in black and white, more single characters and strangers ( most likely to be men)


  5. females- more left brainedaggressive, manipulate 3d space better, less hormones, excel at math and computation, lateral thinkers, physically stronger


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