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  1. Balance Sheet
  2. Dividends Per Share
  3. Profit Margin
  4. Accrued Expenses
  5. Current Assets
  1. a assets that are expected to be converted to cash or used within one year
  2. b statement of a firm's financial position at a particular time. "Snap-Shot"
  3. c net income/sales
  4. d is an account representing all unpaid financial obligations incurred by the organization
  5. e the actual cash received for each share owned

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  1. money an organization's customers owe the organization
  2. a straight measure of liquidity that eliminates inventory
  3. a firm's financial obligations to short-term creditors, which must be repaid within one year
  4. calculations that measure an organization's financial health
  5. sales/total assets

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  1. Debt Utilization Ratiosratios that measure how much debt and organization is using relative to other sources of capital, such as owners' equity


  2. Accounting Equation1. Examine source documents
    2. Record transactions
    3. Post transactions
    4. Prepare financial statements


  3. Private Accountantsaccountants employed by large corporations, government agencies, and other organizations to prepare and analyze their financial statements


  4. Income Statementstatement of a firm's financial position at a particular time. "Snap-Shot"


  5. Cost of Goods Soldthe amount of money a firm spent to but or produce the products it sold during the period to which the income statement applies


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