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  1. Quick Ratio
  2. Accounts Payable
  3. Private Accountants
  4. Revenue
  5. Cash Flow
  1. a money an organization owes its vendors and suppliers.
  2. b the entire amount of income before any deductions are made
  3. c the movement of money through an organization over a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis
  4. d a straight measure of liquidity that eliminates inventory
  5. e accountants employed by large corporations, government agencies, and other organizations to prepare and analyze their financial statements

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  1. data used by investors to compare the performance of one company with another on an equal, per share basis
  2. ratios that measure the speed with which a company can turn its assets into cash to meet short-term debt
  3. a firm's economic resources, or items of value that it owns, such as cash, inventory, land, equipments, buildings and other tangible and intangible things
  4. assets=liabilities+owner's equity
  5. explains how the company's cash changed from the beginning of the accounting period to the end

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  1. Return on Equitynet income/assets


  2. Accrued Expensesis an account representing all unpaid financial obligations incurred by the organization


  3. Budgetan internal financial plan that forecasts expenses and income over a set period of time


  4. Asset Utilization Ratiosratios that measure how well a firm uses its assets to generate $1 of sales


  5. Receivables Turnoversales/accounts receivable


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