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  1. hypoacidity
  2. myopia
  3. hyperopia
  4. hyperthyroid
  5. hyperthermia
  1. a marked by excessive activity of the thyroid gland
  2. b especially high fever; hyperpyrexia
  3. c weak acidity
  4. d nearsightedness
  5. e farsightedness

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  1. subnormal body temperature
  2. extravagant exaggeration of statement
  3. abnormally high blood pressure
  4. deficient activity of the thyroid gland
  5. excessively sensitive; supersensitive

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  1. atrophya decrease in size of an organ caused by disease or disuse


  2. hyperemiasuper abundance of blood


  3. hypotensionabnormally low blood pressure


  4. hypertrophyfarsightedness


  5. hypoglycemiaexcess of sugar in the blood


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