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  1. What does tt stand for?
  2. What does Tt stand for?
  3. purebred
  4. recessive allele
  5. allele
  1. a any of the alternate forms of genes that occurs at a specific pole on chromosome.- responsible for alternate traits
  2. b type of organism whose ancestor are in a genetic uniform.
  3. c heterozygous or hybrid
  4. d not expressed unless two copies are present in an organisms genotype.
  5. e homozygous recessive and purebred recessive.

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  1. the fluid portion mainly water(clots blood) 55%
  2. collection of all organisms genetic makeup.
  3. -"Father of Genetics"
    -born in 1822 in Austria
    -high school teacher at monastery
    -avid gardner, studied pea plants
  4. collection of all an organisms physical characteristics.
  5. meiosis

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  1. homozygouscollection of all organisms genetic makeup.


  2. What did Gregor Mendel experiment?- he looked at different traits by cross-pollinating the pea flowers.


  3. sex-linked traita trait that is determined by a gene found on one of the sex chromosomes, such as the X chromosome or the Y chromosome in humans.


  4. what is a karyotype?all are homologous
    22 pairs of autosomes and 1 pair of sex chromosomes


  5. test crosscross between an organism with an unknown genotype and organisms with a recessive phenotype.


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