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  1. What did Gregor Mendel experiment?
  2. what does the y chromosome carry? and who does it only affect?
  3. What does Tt stand for?
  4. If a family has 100 girls what is the chance of them having another girl?
  5. gene
  1. a heterozygous or hybrid
  2. b sex linked traits; only affects the male.
  3. c always a 50% chance for a girl or guy
  4. d - he looked at different traits by cross-pollinating the pea flowers.
  5. e occupies a specific location on a chromosome and determines a particular characteristic.

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  1. to predict the possible outcomes
  2. all are homologous
    22 pairs of autosomes and 1 pair of sex chromosomes
  3. the first offspring from cross of two varieties in the parental generation
  4. - he founded the principle of dominance that states one gene in a trait can prevent the other gene from being expressed.
  5. collection of all organisms genetic makeup.

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  1. symbols used to create a pedigree.
    1. square
    2. shaded in square
    3. circle
    4. shaded in circle
    5. half shaded circle
    6. straight line then branches to two kids
    7.branches out to to two kids
    8. diamod with x through it
    1. male
    2. affected male
    3. woman
    4. affected woman
    5. carrier female
    7. identical twins
    8. dead


  2. pedigreea diagram that shows the occurrence of a genetic trait in several generations of a family


  3. traitcharacteristic that is inherited.


  4. How many traits does a gamete carry?only carries one gene for each trait.


  5. what is codomance?the fluid portion mainly water(clots blood) 55%


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