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  1. hybrid
  2. what is a karyotype?
  3. genotype
  4. What did Gregor Mendel's experiment show?
  5. Who is Gregor Mendel?
  1. a - he founded the principle of dominance that states one gene in a trait can prevent the other gene from being expressed.
  2. b all are homologous
    22 pairs of autosomes and 1 pair of sex chromosomes
  3. c -"Father of Genetics"
    -born in 1822 in Austria
    -high school teacher at monastery
    -avid gardner, studied pea plants
  4. d organism that contains both dominant and recessive alleles.
  5. e collection of all organisms genetic makeup.

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  1. characteristic that is inherited.
  2. the fluid portion mainly water(clots blood) 55%
  3. sex linked traits; only affects the male.
  4. .5 times .5 = .25
  5. heterozygous indivisual expresses both alleles.

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  1. phenotypecollection of all an organisms physical characteristics.


  2. recessive allelenot expressed unless two copies are present in an organisms genotype.


  3. What is the law of probability?the liklihood of an event occuring is not influenced by the outcome of earlier events.


  4. What does tt stand for?the fluid portion mainly water(clots blood) 55%


  5. How is sex determined?the difference in the X and Y chromosome leads to a difference in the inheritance of traits located on the sex chromosome.


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