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  1. cretinous
  2. didactic
  3. contentious
  4. Lucubrating
  5. Upbraid
  1. a to work, write or study laboriously; especially at night
  2. b instructive; intending to teach a moral lesson
  3. c reproachful; to find fault with
  4. d stupid, obtuse or mentally defective
  5. e marked by argument or controversy

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  1. the disgrace incurred by objects considered outrageously shameful
  2. without consolation or solace; hopelessly unhappy
  3. disrespectful
  4. keenness of mental perception and understanding
  5. malicious

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  1. apostatea place in which a colony of bees are kept


  2. paucitycheerful readiness; willingness


  3. plebeianexpressing sorrow for something past


  4. derisivecontemptuous; mocking; jeering


  5. eruditecontemptuous; mocking; jeering


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