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  1. flippant
  2. monomania
  3. disconsolate
  4. hapless
  5. obsequious
  1. a without consolation or solace; hopelessly unhappy
  2. b shallow; lacking in seriousness; disrespectful
  3. c unfortunate
  4. d having zeal for a single subject or idea
  5. e obedient, dutiful

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  1. liberal with wealth; generous
  2. wisdom or sound judgement
  3. unrestrained sentimentality
  4. disrespectful
  5. instructive; intending to teach a moral lesson

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  1. maudlinbiting; bitter; scathing


  2. ebullientshowing enthusiasm, fervor or excitement


  3. plebeianexpressing sorrow for something past


  4. Lucubratingto work, write or study laboriously; especially at night


  5. obeisancewisdom or sound judgement


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