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  1. hapless
  2. lugubrious
  3. monomania
  4. elegiac
  5. apiary
  1. a dismal; gloomy
  2. b unfortunate
  3. c having zeal for a single subject or idea
  4. d expressing sorrow for something past
  5. e a place in which a colony of bees are kept

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  1. cheerfully optimistic
  2. evenness of temper under stress
  3. marked by argument or controversy
  4. obedient, dutiful
  5. shallow; lacking in seriousness; disrespectful

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  1. opprobriumthe disgrace incurred by objects considered outrageously shameful


  2. Onerousa troublesome obligation or responsibility


  3. derisivelearned, scholarly


  4. vituperativecontemptuous; mocking; jeering


  5. arcaneknown or understood by few


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