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Kwatkiutl Facts Test

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  1. It was one of the main foods they ate. They made sure the salmon would return each year by putting bones back in the water after a meal. The smell attracted the salmon to return.
  2. They used masks, totem poles, food, rattles, and puppets. Only a family member could be a speechmaker. Celebrations were held in winter because they felt the spirits were closer. They had celebrations for totem pole raising, births, weddings, and funerals

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  1. How did the Kwatkiutl protect Cedar Trees? How did they use wood in their daily lives?They saved salmon that they caught and put it in a box


  2. What did the Kwatkiutl do to make sure they had enough food for winter?They didn't pull too much bark from the tree which would kill the tree. They used wood to make plank houses, canoes, chests, dishes, toys, bows, arrows, rope, mats clothing, and blankets


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