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  1. jeopardy
  2. infallible
  3. indomitable
  4. gape
  5. converge
  1. a (v.) to stare with open mouth; to open the mouth wide; to open wide
  2. b (v.) to move toward one point, approach nearer together
  3. c (n.) danger
  4. d (adj.) free from error; absolutely dependable
  5. e (adj.) unconquerable, refusing to yield

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  1. (v.) to make larger, increase
  2. (adj., part.) associated, connected
  3. (adj.) open to or marked by bribery or corruption
  4. (adj.) fierce and cruel; aggressive; deadly, destructive
  5. (adj.) extremely poisonous; full of malice; spiteful

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  1. cogent(adj.) forceful, convincing, relevant, to the point


  2. averse(v.) to compel, force


  3. adversary(n.) an enemy, opponent


  4. fortitude(n.) courage in facing difficulties


  5. ominous(adj.) stern, unyielding, gloomy, ill-humored


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