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  1. precedent
  2. supercilious
  3. dearth
  4. demise
  5. cogent
  1. a (n.) an example that may serve as a basis for imitation or later action
  2. b (adj.) proud and contemptuous; showing scorn because of a feeling of superiority
  3. c (n.) a lack, scarcity, inadequate supply; a famine
  4. d (adj.) forceful, convincing, relevant, to the point
  5. e (n.) a death, especially of a person in a lofty position

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  1. (v.) to make permanent or long lasting
  2. (adj.) unconquerable, refusing to yield
  3. (v.) to say again, repeat
  4. (v.) to include or contain; to be made up of
  5. (adj.) skillful, expert in the use of the hands or mind

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  1. premeditated(adj.) deprived of the necessities of life; lacking in


  2. scrupulous(v.) to stop by force, put down


  3. assent(v.) to express agreement; (n.) agreement


  4. dour(adj.) stern, unyielding, gloomy, ill-humored


  5. sojourn(n.) a temporary stay; (v.) to stay for a time


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