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  1. Du gehst zur Drogerei
  2. Ich bin in der siebten Klasse.
  3. die Frage
  4. in
  5. Sie geht zur (zu der) Apotheke
  1. a I am in the 7th grade.
  2. b You are going to the drug store
  3. c question
  4. d She is going to the pharmacy
  5. e in

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  1. to be able
  2. Zoe swims every day.
  3. pink
  4. to come
  5. people

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  1. habento have


  2. hell blaulight blue


  3. Ich gehe zum (zu dem) LadenI am going to the store


  4. das Landcountry


  5. diefeminine the


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