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  1. Emile Durkheim
  2. Male aggression.
  3. Richard Quinney.
  4. The consequences of making and enforcing rules.
  5. Edwin Lemert
  6. George Vold

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  1. According to Edwin Lemert, secondary deviance sets in afterThe community becomes aware of a primary deviance.


  2. Edwin Lemert contended that there are two types of deviant acts. They areMale aggression.


  3. •Which theoretical perspective claims that a struggle for power is a basic feature of human existence?Male aggression.


  4. Labeling theorists are interested in all but which of the followingWhy people commit crimes in the first place


  5. The __________ model of lawmaking assumes that members of society by and large agree on what is right and wrong, and that law is the codification of these agreed-upon social values.Consensus


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