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  1. User may search for a new diagnosis in the ICD-9 database by
  2. Specific lab companies that transmit electronic data to spring charts using HL7 language & protocols
  3. What feature contains the procedure and diagnosis codes and descriptions that were selected in the office visit and are used for billing
  4. When a test is ordered where is it stored in springchart
  5. What is an office visit as defined by Springchart
  1. a Routing Slip
  2. b Pending tests
  3. c Reference labs
  4. d An encounter with a medical provider in which the patients cheif complaints, body systems, vitals, physical exam diagnoses and medications are reviewed and documented
  5. e Code and description

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  1. Super bill
  2. Spring Labs
  3. Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan
  4. A physician
  5. Lab, Imaging and Medical Tests

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  1. What is used as the means to identify common medical proceduresThe CPT codes


  2. AMABody Mass Index


  3. E&M coder stands for whatA blood test compound that is subject to its own specific chemical analysis


  4. What feature is used to define criteria to search patient charts for health screenings needsChart evaluation


  5. If there are any abnormalities in the test results, how does SpringCharts alert the physicianHighlighting the abnormal results in a colored bar


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