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  1. What is an office visit as defined by Springchart
  2. What is a match choice task that SpringLabs will automatically match an imported test with a patients pending test
  3. What is a spring charts add-on feature that provides pre-built office visits notes, orders, and letters, as well as popup test for specific specialists
  4. When a test is ordered where is it stored in springchart
  5. Wellness screenings are preventive services given before the onset of
  1. a Pending tests
  2. b The Template Ware Module
  3. c Chief Complaints
  4. d Match test
  5. e An encounter with a medical provider in which the patients cheif complaints, body systems, vitals, physical exam diagnoses and medications are reviewed and documented

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  1. Lab Analyte
  2. Disease management, routine preventive health care standards and wellness healh care standards
  3. Documentation of a patients medical history combined with the physical exam
  4. Spring Labs
  5. The Evaluation & Management coder

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  1. BMIAmerican Medical Association


  2. What is a Blood Analyte LabA blood test compound that is subject to its own specific chemical analysis


  3. The super bill may display procedures and codes such asOther E&M codes


  4. Who must review test results before they are stored in a patients chartPending tests


  5. In SpringCharts, the term "test" refers toLab, Imaging and Medical Tests


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