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  1. What is a spring charts add-on feature that provides pre-built office visits notes, orders, and letters, as well as popup test for specific specialists
  2. What is another name for care plans
  3. Who must review test results before they are stored in a patients chart
  4. What is the medical note added subsequent to the original note that will supplement the clinical information
  5. What does accessing the Rx button display
  1. a A physician
  2. b An information window from the patient's chart related to allergies and other sensitivities
  3. c The Template Ware Module
  4. d Practice Guidelines
  5. e Addendum

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  1. Because these codes are byond the E&M coder's capabilities
  2. Routing Slip
  3. Spring Labs
  4. Lab, Imaging and Medical Tests
  5. American Medical Association

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  1. Typically contains medical office's most common procedures & diagnosis codes & descriptions for the purpose of recording the physicians selections & billingSuper bill


  2. What does the chart evaluation feature help supportDisease management, Routine preventive health care standards and Wellness health care standards


  3. E&M coder stands for whatThe Evaluation & Management coder


  4. What is a match choice task that SpringLabs will automatically match an imported test with a patients pending testIdentify Patient


  5. What is used as the means to identify common medical proceduresThe CPT codes


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