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  1. Time and resource
  2. Percent, budget and actual work
  3. Project team members
  4. Cost variance
  5. Earlier and later
  1. a The cost impact of a risk event occuring as a project proceeds through its cycle tends to be less if the event occurs X then Y
  2. b Most of the scheduling methods available today require the project manager to classify as either X constrained or Y constrained.
  3. c The closest relationship to the PM is a network of project stakeholder relationship, like the one illustrated in the text, are with X
  4. d What method of variance tells us if the work accomplished costs more or less than was planned at any point over the life of the project: X
  5. e The definition of the earned value (EV) of a project is the: X of the original Y that has been earned by Z done

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  1. The most widely used approach to apply heuristics, which have been found to consistently minimize project delay over a large variety of projects is the X
  2. Step #1 in the Project Control Process for measuring and evaluating project performance is to X
  3. One definition of synergy (working together) can be found in the phrase.
  4. Delaying noncritical activities to lower peak demand on resources is known as resource X
  5. The key of excersing influence is to X

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  1. Materials, equipment and laborOf the following costs, which are usually included in the project baseline?


  2. RiskExperience and research indicate that high-performance teams are much more likely to develop under all the following conditions except.
    a) Members are assigned to the project full-time
    b) Members report solely to the protect manager
    c) There are 10 or fewer members per team
    d) Team managers are selected by their managers
    e) The project involves a compelling objective.


  3. Time phasing of work packagesThe baseline project budget PV is derived from X


  4. dAn uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, had positive or negative effect on project objectives is termed X


  5. PV, EV and ACWhich of the following data are required to assess the current status of a project using the earned-value cost/schedule system?


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