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  1. equanimity
  2. sonorous
  3. replete
  4. enervate
  5. droll
  1. a composure and calmness
  2. b amusing, humorous, comical
  3. c deep, full, and rich in sound
  4. d to drain of energy
  5. e fully or richly supplied

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  1. a cleverly executed trick or deception
  2. wise and careful, showing sound judgement
  3. to instruct, improve, teach
  4. impenetrable
  5. following an extended course

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  1. capaciousGiven to fighting, combative


  2. ostracizeto send into exile


  3. abrogateTo abolish by legal or authoritative action


  4. plethoraLack of energy, sluggishness, dullness


  5. juxtaposewise and careful, showing sound judgement


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