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  1. obfuscate
  2. prodigious
  3. admonish
  4. levity
  5. heterodox
  1. a enormous, huge, immense
  2. b lightness of manner or expression
  3. c having an opinion different from the accepted opinion
  4. d to warn of fault or error
  5. e to make obscure, darken

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  1. To abolish by legal or authoritative action
  2. hard to manage or control
  3. familiar, acquainted, well informed
  4. marked by favorable circumstances
  5. to clear from blame

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  1. colloquialsociable, merry, festive


  2. gratuitousfollowing an extended course


  3. vindictivecovering a wide range of topics


  4. cacophonya harsh, jarring sound


  5. bucolicpertaining to country life


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