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  1. vacuous
  2. chrysalis
  3. circuitous
  4. eschew
  5. genteel
  1. a empty or vacant
  2. b following an extended course
  3. c to avoid, shun, abstain from
  4. d the stage between an insect's larval and adult stages when it is enclosed in a cocoon
  5. e refined, polite, sophisticated

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  1. an award, sign of respect
  2. greedy, hungry, unsatisfied
  3. full of good humor
  4. a cleverly executed trick or deception
  5. wandering, traveling about

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  1. iconoclasta person who attacks popular beliefs


  2. proclivitylightness of manner or expression


  3. idiosyncrasywandering, traveling about


  4. equanimitycomposure and calmness


  5. castigateto punish or criticize severely


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