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  1. ostracize
  2. mnemonic
  3. ebullience
  4. grandiloquent
  5. stricture
  1. a lively enthusiasm, high spirits
  2. b improving the ability to recall
  3. c a critical comment
  4. d characterized by lofty language
  5. e to send into exile

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  1. fully or richly supplied
  2. amusing, humorous, comical
  3. to place side by side
  4. free, given without charge
  5. to belittle or discredit

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  1. heterodoxamusing, humorous, comical


  2. tangentialto warn of fault or error


  3. equanimitycomposure and calmness


  4. promulgateTo abolish by legal or authoritative action


  5. eschewto avoid, shun, abstain from


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