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  1. tenable
  2. ebullience
  3. mnemonic
  4. edify
  5. peccadillo
  1. a lively enthusiasm, high spirits
  2. b to instruct, improve, teach
  3. c improving the ability to recall
  4. d a small sin
  5. e able to be defended

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  1. marked by favorable circumstances
  2. too small to be measured
  3. to pick out, gather, collect
  4. lightness of manner or expression
  5. to avoid, shun, abstain from

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  1. esotericto avoid, shun, abstain from


  2. dilemmato conceal under a false appearance


  3. proclivitylightness of manner or expression


  4. jovialfull of good humor


  5. exonerateTo free from blame or a charge


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