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  1. ostracize
  2. ebullience
  3. malinger
  4. supine
  5. commiserate
  1. a lying down on the back
  2. b lively enthusiasm, high spirits
  3. c to pretend to be sick
  4. d to send into exile
  5. e To sympathize, show sorrow or pity for

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  1. free, given without charge
  2. a system of names in a science or art
  3. empty or vacant
  4. bad beyond correction or reform
  5. Remorse, penitence, repentance

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  1. imperviousroomy, spacious, ample


  2. infinitesimalconstant, continuous, unceasing


  3. disparagecovering a wide range of topics


  4. officiousmeddlesome, nosy, intrusive


  5. lethargyLack of energy, sluggishness, dullness


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