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  1. Replete
  2. Avarice
  3. Obdurate
  4. Éclat
  5. Inundate
  1. a Plentifully supplied; abounding
  2. b Brilliance in performance and achievement; dazzling display
  3. c 1. To flood or cover over with water
    2. To overwhelm as if with a flood
  4. d Greed, or an extreme desire for wealth
  5. e 1. Hardhearted; stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing

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  1. 1. Severe or stern in personality or appearance; somber and grave
    2. Bare, without adornment
  2. 1. Fearlessly daring; bold
    2. Not held back by what others consider acceptable; showing willingness to offend others
  3. 1. Marked by sternness, harshness, ill temper, or gloom
    2. Sternly unyeilding or stubborn
  4. 1. Having great fullness, size, or number
    2. Ample or lengthy in speech or writing
  5. 1. Referring to a large but undetermind number
    2. Made up of many diverse elements or facets
    3. A huge number

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  1. ParsimonyA scornful resistance to authority; a stubborn rebelliousness


  2. IrresoluteUndecided or uncertain about what to do; wavering


  3. Stoic1. Flushed with rosy color
    2. Very ornate; flowery


  4. InsatiableTireless, incapable of wearing out or becoming fatigued


  5. Prodigal1. Carelessly or wastefully extravagant; lavish
    2. Giving or given in abundance


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