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  1. Insatiable
  2. Avarice
  3. Stoic
  4. Florid
  5. Audacious
  1. a 1. Flushed with rosy color
    2. Very ornate; flowery
  2. b 1. Fearlessly daring; bold
    2. Not held back by what others consider acceptable; showing willingness to offend others
  3. c 1. Seemingly indifferent to or unaffected by joy, grief, pleasure, or pain; determine not to complain or show feeling
    2. A person who is seemingly indifferent to or unaffected by joy, grief, pleasure, or pain
  4. d Greed, or an extreme desire for wealth
  5. e Not capable of being fully satisified

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  1. 1. Hardhearted; stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing
  2. 1. Carelessly or wastefully extravagant; lavish
    2. Giving or given in abundance
  3. The quality of holding firmly or stubbornly to a purpose, an intention, or a belief; stubbornness
  4. Tireless, incapable of wearing out or becoming fatigued
  5. 1. Having great fullness, size, or number
    2. Ample or lengthy in speech or writing

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  1. Austere1. Severe or stern in personality or appearance; somber and grave
    2. Bare, without adornment


  2. ParsimonyDisplaying extreme stinginess or cheapness


  3. ObsequiousExcessively eager to serve, obey, or win the favor of another; fawning


  4. Inundate1. To flood or cover over with water
    2. To overwhelm as if with a flood


  5. ÉclatBrilliance in performance and achievement; dazzling display


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