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  1. venture (350)
  2. grisly (274)
  3. wraith (256)
  4. consummated (257)
  5. blunder (280)
  1. a causing a shudder or feeling of horror; horrible; gruesome: A grisly murder took place in the cemetery with the victims entrails on a grave."
  2. b a risky or daring journey or undertaking. The pioneers set out on a venture for discovery, but they didn't realize that many dangers were on their way
  3. c to move or act blindly, stupidly, or without direction or steady guidance
  4. d A ghost or ghostlike image of someone
  5. e to make perfect

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  1. to whiten by removing color; bleach. Workers were blanching linen in the sun.
  2. showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others.
  3. (of a voice or sound) high-pitched and piercing : a shrill laugh.
  4. to reject with disdain; scorn. The old man's idea was spurned by the strict committee.
  5. plentiful; large and accomodating

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  1. manic (454)pertaining to or affected by mania. "The football coach was manic about running his players."


  2. infernal (339)exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money. The two countries bartered goods between one another for good relations.


  3. milling(440)to move around in a confused mass: people milled about the room, shaking hands


  4. shirked (308)avoid or neglect (a duty or responsibility). The employee shirked from her duties.


  5. baubles (332)a showy, usually cheap, ornament. The baubles that were attached to the end of the fishing rod helped to attract fish. OR In New York City, merchants sell baubles on the sidewalks, and many tourists like to pick up a bunch of them to take home as souvenirs.


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