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  1. grubbing (299)
  2. droves (443)
  3. flitted (447)
  4. ruck (447)
  5. disabuse (352)
  1. a mass of a tightly packed crowd of people : Harry squeezed through the ruck to order another soda.
  2. b to dig or poke in the earth or soil
  3. c to move lightly and swiftly; fly, dart, or skim along.
  4. d a large grouping of people or things; a crowd or a flock The cold air brings droves of birds from the north.
  5. e to persuade someone that an idea or belief is a mistaken or untrue He tried to disabuse me by telling me that my political stance was uneducated and incorrect.

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  1. to remain or stay on in a place longer than is usual or expected, as if from reluctance to leave. We lingered awhile after the party, trading highlights of the evening with our hosts.
  2. potent; intoxicating. Only a few glasses of this heady wine will knock you out
  3. to postpone or delay or to put off. The student deferred drafting her paper until she had more than enough evidence to support her working thesis.
  4. an annoying person that provokes others into action. : The gafly started the fight in the cafeteria
  5. highly distinguished; renowned; famous. Michaelangelo was a very illustrious painter

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  1. infernal (339)Fearless, adventurous: The intrepid explorer was lost in a maze.


  2. Loamy (428)To persistently carry out attacks on. We won the battle by harrying the other side.


  3. Cocksure (437)an expert judgement in matters of taste The cheese connoisseur was able to tell us which cheeses to buy in certain places around the world.


  4. grisly (274)quick and active; lively: brisk trading; a brisk walk.


  5. Guile (472)sly or cunning intelligence He used all his guile and guts to free himself from the muddle he was in.


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