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  1. upbraiding (283)
  2. stint (261)
  3. to gird (257)
  4. roundhouse (453)
  5. Gnarled (433
  1. a to be frugal get along on a scanty allowance. Don't stint on the food. They stinted for years in order to save money. OR, a person's fixed or allotted period of work : his varied career included a stint as a magician. (noun)
  2. b a locomotive maintenance shed built around a turntable
  3. c encircle (a person or part of the body) with a belt or band
  4. d to find fault with or reproach severely; censure: "The military general upbraided the soldier for his cowardice."
  5. e )to twist into a knotted or distorted form, having a rugged, weather-beaten appearance; Having spent years at sea, the sailor was now an old man with gnarled, weather-beaten features.

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  1. Move with a slow, shuffling, awkward gait: he shambled off down the corridor.
  2. to work with (a tool, esp. one requiring steady, rhythmic movements) : a tailor delicately plying his needle. OR provide someone with (food or drink) in a continuous or insistent way : a flight attendant who plied them with soft drinks.
  3. a solemn procession, esp. for a funeral.
  4. upright in position or posture or raised or directed upward
  5. shameless or impudent. The boy was foolish in his brazen presumption

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  1. Uncallused (429)soft, not having tough, strong skin that has been formed over time with work; The prince's hands were uncallused and tender from living a pampered lifestyle and never doing any manual work.


  2. wrested (474)to move lightly and swiftly; fly, dart, or skim along.


  3. hilt (272)Causing or involving great fear or suffering; dreadful. Elpenor's risky behavior resulted in dire consequences.


  4. Bustled (430)to move or act with a great show of energy (often followed by about ): He bustled about cooking breakfast. to abound or teem with something; display an abundance of something; teem (often followed by with ): The office bustled with people and activity.


  5. Cocksure (437)presumptuously or arrogantly confident. After they had won the battle, the army was cocksure.


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