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  1. Family Structure
  2. Divorce Statstics
  3. Anorexia Nervosa
  4. Externalizing Problems
  5. Child Onset Conduct Disorder
  1. a 50% of marriages will end in divorce; 75% of divorced people will remarry; Men remarry at higher rates; 1/3 of children will live in a remarried, stepfamily before adulthood
  2. b How a family is legally constructed and how its members are genetically connected; two parent, blended, single parent, gay/lesbian
  3. c Internalizing Problem; Extreme dieting, intense fear of gaining weight, obsessive exercise; weightless can produce dangerous physical symptoms-cessation of menstration, low blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, death
  4. d High level aggression, argumentative, bullying, disobedience, irritable, threatening behavior before age 10; ODD+threatening behavior: related to difficult temperament, lower IQ, insecure, disorganized attachments
  5. e Type of psychological disorder; represent deviant behavior which is directed outward; Oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder

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  1. Typically live in poverty; (single parent family); Children of these families are twice as likely to drop out of HD, twice as likely to have a child by age 20, less likely to have a steady job, contributed to poverty/economic status
  2. Care and affection for child; child needs some first; enthusiasm for child's activities; sensitive and empathetic toward child's feelings; positive behavioral and emotional outcomes
  3. Higher risk for mental health problems in adulthood, lack of financial resources and emotional support to succeed in college, majority fear intimacy in relationships; may be delayed for girls who may suffer greater
  4. Internalizing problem; bulimia, anorexia nervosa
  5. Type of psychological disorder; impair ability to concentrate; Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

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  1. BulimiaInternalizing Problem; Preoccupation with eating and an irresistible urge to eat (binging), intense fear of fatness; some method of purging (self-induced vomiting, excessive laxative use, excessive exercise); often ashamed of behavior; typically appears in girls pursuing careers in dance, acting, modeling, or gymnastics


  2. FamiliesForm a system of interacting elements that mutually influence each other; larger system includes extended, friends, teacher, institutions, etc


  3. Depression/Major Depressive DisorderInternalizing Problem; When a depressed mood last for 6 months or more and is accompanied by other disruptive symptoms; 90% of teens who experience this will have a reoccurrence within 2 years; adolescent girls are twice as likely to get this


  4. Mirror NeuronsSpecial brain cells that mentally stimulate behavior and emotions observed in others; copying and imitating


  5. Authoritative Parented ChildrenDo less well in school as adolescents, can be aggressive, immature with peers, less likely to fake responsibility, less independent


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