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  1. Madame de Stael
  2. Declaration of Pillnitz
  3. Stormingg of the Tulerries
  4. War of the Firsst Coalition
  5. Madame de Pomadour
  1. a most famous mistress of Louis XV who influenced his political decisions
  2. b ran a salon and wrote widely read books; deplored subordination of women to men
  3. c issued by Prussia and Austria to restore order to the French governemnt through the military; not followed through
  4. d the king's palace was stormed and the king was taken prisoner after fleeing to the Legislative Assembly
  5. e French revolutioanry forces were soundly defeated by the Austrian military

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  1. Parisian revolution that began in response to food shortages, soaring bread prices, unemployment, and feear of militarry repression
  2. radical working class leaders of Paris
  3. led the Paris Commune
  4. the period, from mid-1793 to mid-1794, when Robespierre ruled France nearly as a dictator and thousands of political figures and ordinary citizens were executed
  5. radical social democrat who led the "angry men" and was responisble for the deaths of 2000 people at Nantes where paris commune was destroyed

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  1. The Civil Constitution off the Clergybiggest mistake made by the National Assembly; secularized religion; deeply divided France over the issue of religion


  2. Great Fearpeasants attacked manor houses in an effort to destroy the legal records of their feudal obligationns


  3. Tennis Court Oaththe nobility that made up 2-4% of the population and owned 25% of the land


  4. Parlementradical working class leaders of Paris


  5. The Directoryconsisted of merchants, middles class, artistans, unskilled workers, and the peasants that made up 95% of the population, owned 50% of the land and paid 100% of the taxes


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