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  1. Comitee of Public Safety
  2. Stormingg of the Tulerries
  3. 83 Deparrtments
  4. Thermidorian Reaction
  5. Estates General
  1. a the National Assembly divided France into these that were governed by elected officials
  2. b the king's palace was stormed and the king was taken prisoner after fleeing to the Legislative Assembly
  3. c feudal assembly that represented the three estates
  4. d an emergency governemt to deal with internal and external challenges to the revoultion; led by Robspeirre
  5. e name given to the reaction against the radicalism of the French Revolution. It is associated with the end of the Reign of Terror and reassertion of bourgeoisie power in the Directory.

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  1. responded to Burke's arguement by defending Enlightenment principles; wrote "Rights of Man"
  2. a new group of legislators that replaced the National Assembly in the new governemnt
  3. English womens activist who wrote "Vindication of the RIghts of Woman"
  4. working class radicals that supported the mountain
  5. general referendum (vote) that was overwhelmingly approved 3011007 to 1562

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  1. Parlementthe high court of Paris restored under Louis XV


  2. War of the Firsst CoalitionFrance was proclaimed a republic on september 21 1792; abolished the monarchy and installled republicanism; based on the ideeas of equality, liberty, and fraternity


  3. Paris Coommunerevolutionary municipal government set up in Paris which effectively usurped the power of the Legislative Assembly


  4. Lettre de cachetreorganized the French army


  5. Law of Suspectsa planned economy to respond to food shortages and related economic problems


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