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  1. The Directory
  2. Plebiscite
  3. Parlement
  4. Corvee
  5. Jacobins
  1. a general referendum (vote) that was overwhelmingly approved 3011007 to 1562
  2. b obligated peasants to work for the nobles several days a year
  3. c named after their political club; liberals who came to dominate the Legislative Assembly; want republic through military
  4. d the high court of Paris restored under Louis XV
  5. e a new five-member assembly elected to govern France; ruled like an oligarchy

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  1. name given to the reaction against the radicalism of the French Revolution. It is associated with the end of the Reign of Terror and reassertion of bourgeoisie power in the Directory.
  2. issued on August 26, 1789 and became the constitutional blueprint for France; written by the National Assembly
  3. French nobles who fled France at the beginning of the revolution and influenced Prussia and Austria to help France
  4. the political system that existed in France before the French Rev
  5. most famous mistress of Louis XV who influenced his political decisions

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  1. War of the Firsst CoalitionFrench revolutioanry forces were soundly defeated by the Austrian military


  2. "cahiers de doleances"second phase of the French Revolution-Republic, execution of Louis, Committee of Public Safety, Regin of Terror, Termidorian Rebellion, Directory


  3. 83 Deparrtmentsthe National Assembly divided France into these that were governed by elected officials


  4. September Massacresgovernement could imprison anyone without charges or trial


  5. Third Estatethe clergy that made up 1% of the population and owned 20% of the land (Gallican Church)


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