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  1. Declaration of the Rights of Man and CItizen
  2. Comitee of Public Safety
  3. Thermidorian Reaction
  4. Olympe de Gougess
  5. Plebiscite
  1. a womens activist that wrote "The Rights of Woman"
  2. b name given to the reaction against the radicalism of the French Revolution. It is associated with the end of the Reign of Terror and reassertion of bourgeoisie power in the Directory.
  3. c general referendum (vote) that was overwhelmingly approved 3011007 to 1562
  4. d issued on August 26, 1789 and became the constitutional blueprint for France; written by the National Assembly
  5. e an emergency governemt to deal with internal and external challenges to the revoultion; led by Robspeirre

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  1. France was proclaimed a republic on september 21 1792; abolished the monarchy and installled republicanism; based on the ideeas of equality, liberty, and fraternity
  2. radical social democrat who led the "angry men" and was responisble for the deaths of 2000 people at Nantes where paris commune was destroyed
  3. revolutionary municipal government set up in Paris which effectively usurped the power of the Legislative Assembly
  4. the clergy that made up 1% of the population and owned 20% of the land (Gallican Church)
  5. radical republicans made up of the urban class led by Danton and Robspierre

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  1. Louis XVradical republicans made up of the urban class led by Danton and Robspierre


  2. Madame de Staelran a salon and wrote widely read books; deplored subordination of women to men


  3. Bourgeoisiedemanded that political and social power be congruent with their emerging economic power; middle class


  4. 83 Deparrtmentsthe National Assembly divided France into these that were governed by elected officials


  5. Rene de Maupeoua region in western France south of Brittany, it was the site of several anti-Revolutionary uprisings from 1793-6 that claimed as many as a million lives


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