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  1. 1099-misc
  2. spleen
  3. quadriceps femoris
  4. humeroulnar
  5. swedish gymnastics
  1. a lymphatic system includes which of the following
  2. b muscle tendon attaches to the patellar ligament
  3. c increasing ROM and flexibility is a mechanical effect of what type of treatment technique
  4. d form you file with IRS if u had a contract with another company and was paid over 600$ for your services
  5. e joint is the elbow

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  1. mechanical effect for deep effleurage
  2. what system of the body removes waste fromthe cirulatory system
  3. in the 1932 dr emil and estrid vodder develop what technique
  4. joints that make up the shoulder complex
  5. does not fire during extension of a eccentric contraction of the head and neck

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  1. mechanical stimulation of golgi tendon organsdecreasing muscle spasm and increasing the resting length of muscles is an effect of


  2. yinfollowing massage professional methods which is an asian approach


  3. ammaclassifying general traits such as female dark night moon and winter TCM calls this


  4. styloid processbony landmark is distal to the head of the ulna


  5. lateral borderwhere is the infraglenoid tubercle located on the scapula


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