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  1. quadratus lumborum
  2. stretches veins and lymph vessels
  3. swedish gymnastics
  4. promoter of peristalsis for the bowel
  1. a mechanical effect for deep effleurage
  2. b muscle inserts at the transverse processes of the lumbar vertebrae and the twelfth rib
  3. c increasing blood pressure is a reflexive effect of what type of treatment technique
  4. d hydrotherapy treatments have many theraeutic uses what is the definition of laxative

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  1. classifying general traits such as female dark night moon and winter TCM calls this
  2. joint is the elbow
  3. does not fire during extension of a eccentric contraction of the head and neck
  4. form you file with IRS if u had a contract with another company and was paid over 600$ for your services
  5. joints that make up the shoulder complex

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  1. styloid processlymphatic system includes which of the following


  2. talus and calcaneustwo bones that comprise the hind foot are the


  3. quadriceps femorismuscle tendon attaches to the patellar ligament


  4. subscapularisjoint is the elbow


  5. lateral borderwhere is the infraglenoid tubercle located on the scapula


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