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  1. sexual fluke intermediate host
  2. roundworm aka
  3. release of bacteriophages categories
  4. viral infection causing cell death
  5. pinworm aka
  1. a ascariases
  2. b lytic infection
  3. c snail
  4. d lytic cycle
  5. e enterobiases

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  1. viral components assemble into whole virus
    virus explodes in number
  2. cysticerci
  3. lassa fever
    lymphocytic choriomeningitis
  4. hepatitis B (NOT A, C...)
    -enveloped, icosohedral
  5. PRPsc
    conformational change at secondary level
    beta pleated sheets

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  1. hermaphroditic fluke last three larval stagessporocyst - redia - cercaria (enters in secondary host)


  2. bacteriophage that performs lysogenytemperate phage


  3. slowed reproduction & metabolism of microbeslocalized infection


  4. only antimicrobial detergent, denatures proteinsquaternary ammonium compounds


  5. prion structureprotein only
    no DNA/RNA


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