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  1. intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies
    negri bodies
  2. sexual fluke first larval state
  3. intranuclear acidophilic inclusion bodies
    cowdry A
  4. # infections in a time period
  5. infection with a fluctuating frequency
  1. a incidence
  2. b miracidium (enters into intermediate host)
  3. c rabies
  4. d sporadic
  5. e herpes
    chicken pox

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  1. scolex
    has hooks and suckers for attachment only
  2. 121C (does not affect thermophiles)
    steam under pressure
  3. non living (fomites)
    zoonosis (animal to human)
    animal (vector)
    human (carrier)
  4. cytomegalovirus
  5. heat
    rubbing alcohol
    lipid dissolvers

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  1. rhinovirus examplesencephalitis
    korean hemorrhagic fever


  2. othomyxovirus examples & affinitysmall pox, cow pox (NOT chicken pox)


  3. type IV replicationnon motile


  4. # deaths due to infectionmortality


  5. pox virus examples & shapeB19 & B17
    -naked, icosahedral
    -single strand DNA
    -defective & non defective


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