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  1. types of physical control of microbes
  2. prion structure - normal, location, structure
  3. infection starts local and goes systemic
  4. togavirus examples
  5. pseudovirion function
  1. a focal infection
  2. b delivers host DNA
    stops being a virus
  3. c PRPc
    on membrane of cell
  4. d alpha encephalitis
    rubvirus (rubella)
  5. e moist heat
    dry heat
    ionizing radiation
    non ionizing radiation
    sound waves

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  1. abortive infection
  2. infectious & genetic
  3. creutzfeldt-jakob disease (CJD)
    variant creutzfeldt-jakob disease (vCJD)
    grestmann-straussler-scheinker syndrome
    fatal familial inisomnia
  4. germicide
  5. corneal transplant
    contaminated instruments
    growth hormone

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  1. viral infection spreadabortive infection


  2. soundwaves cyc/sec & function15,000-200,000 cycles/sec
    causes cavitation and pressure changes


  3. viral infection with unrestrained growth & prolonged survivalmalignent


  4. detergents for microbial control function & examplesfor alcohol (beer, wine)
    does not kill viruses


  5. only antimicrobial detergent, denatures proteinsquaternary ammonium compounds


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