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  1. tapeworm entry portal
  2. increase in prevalence of an infection
  3. types of chemical control of microbes
  4. infection comes and goes rapidly & example
  5. type II replication
  1. a phenol
    halogens (iodine & chlorine)
    heavy metals
  2. b acute infection
    -cold, flu
  3. c - to -
    single RNA
  4. d contaminated water or meat
  5. e epidemic

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  1. incidence
  2. animal transmits microbe
  3. iodine
  4. lysis of the cell
  5. pharyngitis, upper & lower respiratory infections
    -naked, icosohedral
    -double strand DNA

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  1. picornavirus categoriesflatworms & roundworms


  2. rhinovirus examplescold


  3. cell is turned into a viral reproducer once invaded by virusglycoprotein spikes


  4. enveloped animal virus adsorption & pro/concapsid shaped into ligands
    fools receptor mediated endocytosis


  5. gold standard technique for chemical control of microbesphenol
    halogens (iodine & chlorine)
    heavy metals


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