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  1. Rickets
  2. Lacunae
  3. osteoblast
  4. Periosteum
  5. No nerves; No blood vessels; Made up of 80% water; slow growth
  1. a What is the membrane on the outer surface of the diaphysis?
  2. b What are small cavities in bone that contain osteocytes?
  3. c What childhood disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin D and sunlight results in bone deformities associated with impaired metabolism of calcium and phosphorus?
  4. d What is the cell responsible for secreting the matrix of the bone?
  5. e What are the characteristics of cartilage?

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  1. A crushed break, often due to weight or pressure applied to a bone during a fall.
  2. Whatt is the surgical repair of the bone to put it in proper alignment?
  3. What are mineral salts also known as?
  4. What regenerates faster in the adult skeleton when broken, bone or cartilage?
  5. What is the realignment of broken bone ends WITHOUT surgery?

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  1. It increases absorption of calcium in the small intestine.What is the function of Vitamin D in bone remodeling?


  2. costal cartilageWhat type of cartilage forms the intervertebral discs?


  3. calcitoninWhat mineral can osteoclasts take from the bones?


  4. Epiphyseal plate (line)What are the ends of bones also known as?


  5. humerusWhat is a bone fracture that penetrates the skin?


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