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  1. Articular Cartilage
  2. Fibrous and osteogenic
  3. fibrocartilaginous callus
  4. Irregular bones
  5. Hydroxyapatites
  1. a What kind of bones are bones with complicated shapes?
  2. b What is the first repair mass to splint the broken bone?
  3. c What covers the ends of long bones for articulation?
  4. d What are mineral salts also known as?
  5. e What are the two layers of the periosteum?

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  1. What is the cell responsible for secreting the matrix of the bone?
  2. What are responsible for bone hardness and its resistance to compression?
  3. Increasing weight-bearing activities can prevent the development of this bone disorder.
  4. What are the stages of bone repair?
  5. What hormone produced by the thyroid gland tends to lower the level of calcium in the blood plasma and inhibit resorption of bone?

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  1. boneWhat regenerates faster in the adult skeleton when broken, bone or cartilage?


  2. No nerves; No blood vessels; Made up of 80% water; slow growthWhat are the characteristics of cartilage?


  3. diaphysisWhat childhood disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin D and sunlight results in bone deformities associated with impaired metabolism of calcium and phosphorus?


  4. compression fractureA crushed break, often due to weight or pressure applied to a bone during a fall.


  5. OsteoblastsWhat are bone-forming cells that forms a bone matrix by secreting collagen, become enclosed in the matrix, and develop into osteocytes


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