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  1. Irregular bones
  2. Articular Cartilage
  3. Hematopoeisis
  4. Epiphyseal plate (line)
  5. Osteocytes
  1. a What is the area in a long bone made of hyaline cartilage between the diaphysis and epiphysis where cartilage growth occurs followed by endochondral ossification that results in growth of bone length? (also known as the growth plate)
  2. b What are mature bone cells?
  3. c What is blood cell formation that occurs in the red bone marrow of the axial skeleton/girdles and the epiphyses of the humerus/femur?
  4. d What kind of bones are bones with complicated shapes?
  5. e What covers the ends of long bones for articulation?

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  1. What is the blood clot that usually forms at the fracture site?
  2. What is the scientific name for the bone shaft?
  3. What are the two divisions of the skeletal system?
  4. What hormone raises the blood calcium level by acting on the kidneys and vitamin D production in the intestine?
  5. What are hairlike canals that connect lacunae to each other and the central canal?

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  1. calcitoninWhat are small cavities in bone that contain osteocytes?


  2. short bonesWhat kind of bones are the cube-shaped bones of the wrist and ankle, and that form within tendons?


  3. osteoblastWhat is the cell responsible for secreting the matrix of the bone?


  4. OsteonWhat type of cartilage connects the ribs to the sternum?


  5. AppendicularWhat division of the skeleton forms bones of the upper and lower limb and the girdles?


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