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  1. appositional growth
  2. They are made up of cells, fibers, ground substance (matrix).
  3. patella
  4. humerus
  5. compression fracture
  1. a What is the process in which bones increase in width?
  2. b What is an example of a long bone?
  3. c A crushed break, often due to weight or pressure applied to a bone during a fall.
  4. d What is an example of a short, sesamoid bone?
  5. e Why is cartilage and bone classified as connective tissue?

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  1. What hormone produced by the thyroid gland tends to lower the level of calcium in the blood plasma and inhibit resorption of bone?
  2. What bone disease of unknown cause is characterized by the excessive breakdown of bone tissue, followed by abnormal bone formation?
  3. What are small cavities in bone that contain osteocytes?
  4. What are the stages of bone repair?
  5. What is the structural unit of compact bone?

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  1. hematomaWhat is the blood clot that usually forms at the fracture site?


  2. costal cartilageWhat type of cartilage connects the ribs to the breastbone?


  3. open reductionWhat is the structural unit of compact bone?


  4. Sites of attachment for muscles, ligaments, and tendons, joint surfaces, and conduits for blood vessels and nervesWhat do the bone markings serve as?


  5. trabeculaeWhat is the framework that makes up spongy bone?


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