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  1. Connective Tissue
  2. When blood calcium levels decline, PTH is released and stimulates osteoclasts to digest bone matrix, releasing ionic calcium. When blood calcium levels rise, calcitonin is released, stiumulating removal of calcium from the blood.
  3. Canaliculi
  4. Appendicular
  5. patella
  1. a What are hairlike canals that connect lacunae to each other and the central canal?
  2. b What division of the skeleton forms bones of the upper and lower limb and the girdles?
  3. c What is an example of a short, sesamoid bone?
  4. d What is the hormonal mechanism of bone remodeling?
  5. e What kind of tissue is the periosteum's layers?

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  1. What type of cartilage forms the ear and the epiglottis?
  2. What is the process in which bones increase in width?
  3. What is a bone fracture the is perpendicular to the bones' axis?
  4. "Growth from Inside": the lengthening of long bones between diaphysis and epiphysis where blood vessels invade ends of bone becoming secondary centers of ossification, growth ceases when Epiphyseal plate fuses.
  5. What are the two layers of the periosteum?

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  1. Epiphyseal plate (line)What are the ends of bones also known as?


  2. Endochonral ossificationWhat is the process when bone forms by replacing hyaline cartilage (cartilage or endochondral bone)?


  3. spiral fractureRagged break occurs when excessive twisting forces are applied to a bone; common sports fracture


  4. respiratory cartliageWhat type of cartilage makes up the larynx and trachea?


  5. calcitoninWhat hormone produced by the thyroid gland tends to lower the level of calcium in the blood plasma and inhibit resorption of bone?


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