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  1. a person who helps make a product
  2. a book that gives the meanings of words
  3. a safe place to keep money
  4. a book or set of books that gives information about many topics
  5. something other than natural or human resources, that people need in order to produce goods
  1. a encyclopedia
  2. b human resource
  3. c bank
  4. d capital resource
  5. e dictionary

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  1. price
  2. distance
  3. savings account
  4. consumer
  5. goods

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  1. not having enough resources to meet people's unlimited wantsscarcity


  2. a chart that uses bars to show amountsbar graph


  3. the buying and selling of goods and servicestrade


  4. things that people would like to havewants


  5. something that protects or coversshelter


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