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  1. the exchange of goods or services without the use of money
  2. an activity that people do to help other people
  3. not having enough resources to meet people's unlimited wants
  4. things people make or grow
  5. a book or set of books that gives information about many topics
  1. a encyclopedia
  2. b goods
  3. c scarcity
  4. d barter
  5. e services

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  1. capital resource
  2. dictionary
  3. income
  4. consumer
  5. human resource

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  1. things that people would like to haveneeds


  2. the amount of money you pay to buy somethingprice


  3. a chart that uses bars to show amountsbank


  4. something that protects or coversneeds


  5. things that people must have to liveneeds


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