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  1. things people make or grow
  2. someone who buys or uses things
  3. a person who helps make a product
  4. the money people earn when they work
  5. the amount of money you pay to buy something
  1. a consumer
  2. b income
  3. c price
  4. d goods
  5. e human resource

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  1. wants
  2. specialize
  3. distance
  4. encyclopedia
  5. bar graph

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  1. something that protects or coversneeds


  2. something other than natural or human resources, that people need in order to produce goodscapital resource


  3. not having enough resources to meet people's unlimited wantswants


  4. a safe place to keep moneybank


  5. a service from a bank that allows people to earn interest on their moneyservices


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