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  1. Projections of the cytoplasm are know as
  2. The population of small, photosynthetic organisms found near the surface of the ocean is called?
  3. Trypanosoma causes what?
  4. Protists that obtain food by decomposing or by external digestion ar known as?
  5. What are long threadlike colonies called? (hint: they are stacked end to end)
  1. a filaments
  2. b African sleeping sickness
  3. c decomposers or parasites
  4. d pseudopods
  5. e phytoplankton

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  1. trichocysts
  2. silicon (Si)
  3. gold
  4. amebic dysentery
  5. photosynthetic pigments and cell wall composition

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  1. What oes a contractile vaculoe specialized to collect?help it to find sunlight for photosynthesis


  2. Which of the following descriptions applies to most protists?they have a definite shape


  3. Euglenas have a cell membrane by the name of?gullet


  4. What is one type of movement mechanism use in protozoans?anopheles


  5. Slime molds are found primarily in?silicon (Si)


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