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  1. Giardia produces tough, microscopic...?
  2. The reddish accersory pigment the absorbs blue light allows what algae to live in deep water?
  3. Brown algae contain chlorophyll ___ and c as well as a brown accessory pigment-
  4. What characteristics do green algae share with plants?
  5. Projections of the cytoplasm are know as
  1. a a
  2. b cysts
  3. c Red algae
  4. d pseudopods
  5. e photosynthetic pigments and cell wall composition

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  1. heterotrophic
  2. decomposers or parasites
  3. help it to find sunlight for photosynthesis
  4. they have a definite shape
  5. autotrophs

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  1. Euglenas have a cell membrane by the name of?silicon (Si)


  2. Diatoms are rich in ___?African sleeping sickness


  3. Trypanosoma causes what?silicon (Si)


  4. What are long threadlike colonies called? (hint: they are stacked end to end)help it to find sunlight for photosynthesis


  5. Which of the following descriptions applies to most protists?they have a definite shape


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