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  1. Which reddish accessory pigment of great at absorbing blue light?
  2. Trypanosoma causes what?
  3. The brown pigment in brown algae is called what?
  4. Brown algae contain chlorophyll ___ and c as well as a brown accessory pigment-
  5. If a protist is animal like then it is normally... ?
  1. a fucoxanthin
  2. b African sleeping sickness
  3. c phycobilins
  4. d a
  5. e heterotrophic

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  1. filaments
  2. silicon (Si)
  3. gold
  4. help it to find sunlight for photosynthesis
  5. anopheles

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  1. The thin filaments produced by water molds are?fucoxanthin


  2. Protists that obtain food by decomposing or by external digestion ar known as?decomposers or parasites


  3. What is one type of movement mechanism use in protozoans?cilia


  4. Projections of the cytoplasm are know aspseudopods


  5. a parasitic protist, Entamoeba, causes what?amebic dysentery


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