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  1. What are long threadlike colonies called? (hint: they are stacked end to end)
  2. Giardia produces tough, microscopic...?
  3. Which of the following is not true of amoebas?
  4. Ciliates obtain food throught the...?
  5. What kind of mosquito can carry malaria?
  1. a cysts
  2. b filaments
  3. c they have a definite shape
  4. d anopheles
  5. e gullet

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  1. fucoxanthin
  2. water
  3. gold
  4. pellicle
  5. rotting wood or composite piles

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  1. What is one type of movement mechanism use in protozoans?cilia


  2. what does the eyespot on a euglenophyte do?help it to find sunlight for photosynthesis


  3. The wide range of colors in algae depends upon the presence of?accessory pigments


  4. Brown algae contain chlorophyll ___ and c as well as a brown accessory pigment-a


  5. What characteristics do green algae share with plants?fucoxanthin


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