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  1. Hertzsprung/Russell Diagram
  2. 3 types of Galaxies?
  3. Spiral Galaxy?
  4. Absolute Magnatude?
  5. Horizon
  1. a pinwheel shaped, large cluster of stars at the center
  2. b 1. Spiral 2. Ellipitical 3. Irregular
  3. c The true brightness of a star if it were placed a standard distance away from Earth. The lower the number the brighter the star.
  4. d a graph in which star's temperature is plotted against its absolute magnitude. (brightness)
  5. e Where the sky and the ground meet

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  1. When constellations are visible all times of the year because they never go beneath the horizon.
  2. patterns of stars
  3. The middle, stable stage in a star's life. It can last from a few billion years to 100 billion years. (Middle Age)
  4. looks like a flattened ball; little gas and dust between stars, contain old stars
  5. How bright a star appears from earth.

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  1. Parallax?pinwheel shaped, large cluster of stars at the center


  2. About how many stars does the Milky Way contain?About 200 billion stars


  3. white dwarfa dead star


  4. Super novaWhere the sky and the ground meet


  5. Black dwarfa dead star


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