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  1. Hertzsprung/Russell Diagram
  2. Reflective Telescope?
  3. Prostar
  4. What Galaxy is the Milky Way?
  5. Examples of Circumpolar Constellations?
  1. a Cassiopeia, Cephus, Ursa Major, and Draco
  2. b Spiral
  3. c Uses a mirror instead of an objective lens.
  4. d a graph in which star's temperature is plotted against its absolute magnitude. (brightness)
  5. e a new star that forms in Nebulae

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  1. Earth and other planets revolve around the sun. (Copernicus)
  2. looks like a flattened ball; little gas and dust between stars, contain old stars
  3. The middle, stable stage in a star's life. It can last from a few billion years to 100 billion years. (Middle Age)
  4. light year is the distance light travels in one year. Distance not time.
  5. earth is at the center of the revolving planets and stars. ( Ptolemy)

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  1. Irregular Galaxy?pinwheel shaped, large cluster of stars at the center


  2. Circumpolar Constellations?Cassiopeia, Cephus, Ursa Major, and Draco


  3. Spiral Galaxy?Parallax is the apparent change in position of an object when you look at it from diffenrent angles.


  4. white dwarfoccurs when the star has used up all the energy and begins to cool further and condense


  5. Black dwarfa dead star


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