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  1. depression that occurs only during fall and winter, presumably related to decreased exposure to sunlight
  2. a chronic state of anxiety and also has brief moments of sudden, intense, unexpected panic
  3. loss of memory for important information related to personal identity
  4. type of schizophrenia characterized by a preoccupation with delusions or auditory hallucinations
  5. type of schizophrenia characterized by prominent psychotic symptoms
  6. an extreme preoccupation with certain thoughts and compulsive performance of certain behaviors

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  1. major mood disordermajor disturbances in mood or emotion


  2. disorganizedtype of schizophrenia characterized by incoherence, grossly disorganized behavior, bizarre thinking, and inappropriate behavior


  3. schizophreniatype of bipolar disorder in which the person is mostly depressed with a few episodes of mania


  4. sociopathpoorly socialized people who seem incapable of feeling guilt, shame fear, loyalty, or love


  5. Rosenhanpsychologist who committed himself to a mental hospital being diagnosed with schizophrenia and observed his surroundings


  6. dissociative identity disordera chronic state of tension and worries about work, relationships, ability, or impending disaster


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