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  1. an age-related disease characterized by memory loss, mental confusion, and, in its later stages, a nearly total loss of mental abilities
  2. a chronic state of tension and worries about work, relationships, ability, or impending disaster
  3. sudden travel away from home, plus confusion about one's personal identity
  4. type of bipolar disorder in which the person has episodes of mania and periods of deep depression
  5. major disturbances in mood or emotion
  6. poorly socialized people who seem incapable of feeling guilt, shame fear, loyalty, or love

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  1. schizophreniaa psychosis characterized by delusions, hallucinations, apathy, and a split between thought and emotion


  2. paranoidtype of schizophrenia characterized by a preoccupation with delusions or auditory hallucinations


  3. catatonictype of schizophrenia characterized by stupor, rigidity, unresponsiveness, posturing, mutism, and agitated and purposeless behavior


  4. dissociative identity disorderthe presence of two or more distinct personalities


  5. panic disordermajor disturbances in mood or emotion


  6. bipolar IItype of bipolar disorder in which the person is mostly depressed with a few episodes of mania


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