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  1. Plunder
  2. Unify
  3. Solipsistic
  4. Expel
  5. Eclectic
  1. a believing that oneself is all that exists
  2. b force to leave or move out
  3. c selecting what seems best of various styles or ideas
  4. d destroy and strip of its possession, steal goods
  5. e to bring or combine together or with something else

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  1. Loyal;Reliable
  2. unrestrained by convention or propriety, marked by casual disrespect
  3. lacking self-confidence
  4. without revealing one's identity
  5. someone skilled in the transcription of speech (especially dictation)

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  1. Dilatorythe use of tricks to deceive someone (usually to extract money from them)


  2. Ostracizeavoid speaking to or dealing with


  3. AvengeRegard with disgust and hatred


  4. Deferencethe trait of being rude and impertinent


  5. Prudentdestroy and strip of its possession, steal goods


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