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Tags <> surrounding data

Requirements for a well-formed document

1. One and only root element
2. Matching beginning and ending names
3. Elements can contain attributes that appear following the beginning element name
4. All elements are properly nested


Instance Document


Schema Document



XBRL Validation: Phase I

XML Validation - validates the instance document against the XBRL taxonomy schema

XBRL Validation: Phase II

Validates all of the contents of the DTS, using the schemaRef link

XBRL Validation: Phase III

Validation of required SEC rules


Dictionaries that define tag names to represent accounting and financial terms in XBRL instance documents

Parent Elements

Elements that contain other elements

XML namespaces

Used to avoid naming collisions


Appropriate namespace for an IFRS based XBRL instance document

REA diagram

A schema document in xml is most closely related to a _________.

Node tree

Created when an XML processor processes an XML instance document


Can be an instance document


Universal Business Language

Level 1

Footnote tagging in XBRL instance document for first year filers

Block tagging

Level 1, 2, and 3 footnote tagging

Level 4

Specific items of information, facts, within an XBRL instance document, are not directly addressable for analysis and and use by software applications unless _______ footnote tagging is used by the filer.


____ prolog lines are needed in the instance document if it is being transformed by XSLT.

IFRS Taxonomy

has the least amount of tags

The metadata tags provide meaning

XBRL data is considered to be information because ________.


responsible for maintaining the U.S. GAAP XBRL Taxonomy


First organization to investigate XBRL.


Rules based


Principles based

the instance document conforms to the rules found in the schema.

Using a schema document to validate an instance document means _______.


Certain companies report to the SEC using IFRS in XBRL format

Instance Document

Contains tags describing data

Schema Document

Contains tag definitions


Contains relationships between tags

Reference linkbase

Provides official definition for each element and contains references to accounting pronouncements; Relationships between elements and external regulations or standards

Label linkbase

Provides a standard set of line item labels to be used when financial statements are rendered for human consumptions.

Presentation linkbase

Describes the relationship between elements as they would typically appear in published financial statements

Dimensions linkbase

Define relationships among items in tables and is generated from information in an instance document; How to create tables for footnote disclosures

xml element

consists of a beginning and ending tag set and its content

UBL Document

Root element, ID, Issue Date, Two parties, Line

Location data only

The problem with storing financial data in spreadsheets is the data are tagged with ______.

Simple, and Complex (attribute)

The CBC namespace contains what type of UBL elements:


Extensible Stylesheet (for) Language Transformation

As attributes of the root element

The namespace used in an xml document are declared where?

XSLT document

1. Prolog
2. xsl:stylesheet
3. xsl:template

Child elements

Elements that contain data values.


Responsible for maintaining: Schedule of Investments


Responsible for maintaining: Commercial and Industrial


Responsible for maintaining: Insurance


Responsible for maintaining: Non GAAP taxonomies


Responsible for maintaining: Record of Credit Ratings


Responsible for maintaining: Banking and Savings


Responsible for maintaining: Brokers and Dealers


Responsible for maintaining: U.S. Mutual Fund Risk/Return


Responsible for maintaining: Real Estate


Extensible Markup Language

schemaRef element

xlinktype="simple" xlink:href="URL of XBRL taxonomy"/> required as part of the _____.

In order for an instance document to be transformed.

<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="locationof.xsl" required ____.

Vocabulary based xml document

Based on: agreed upon element types, agreed upon element names, agreed upon sequence/structure.

Both an instance and XSLT document

Input needed for XSLT

UBL Schema Document Rules

*Declare Namespaces & qualifiers
*Import Schemas (CBC & CAC)
*Define Root Element - Reference reusable data components, Declare cardinalities

UBL Instance Document Rules

1. Root element
2. ID
3. Issue Date
4. Two parties
5. Line Element

XBRL Instance Document Rules

1. Root element, (namespace declarations)
2. schemaRef
3. Context
4. Unit (optional)
5. Items


A meta-language used to create vocabularies such as XBRL and UBL


Vocabulary used for business documents.


Vocabulary used for financial reporting.

Instance Document

An instance of a companies financial reporting; Contains the data; What company, period, currency, purpose, information?


Combination of Schemas (defining elements) and LinkBases (relating elements)

Schema Document

Describes allowed structure of instance document


Formatting instructions for data in the instance document

Well Formed vs. Valid

"Well Formed" documents meet basic rules for XML. "Valid" documents meets rules regarding structure, order and data-types as described in Schema.


Contained within an opening element tag <>


Qualify elements and attributes; differentiate and associate them with a URI

Simple Element Definition

Declares Name and Type: string, integer, date and decimal

Complex Element Definition

Declares Name, Type and Structure (sequence)

Common Basic Components Schema

Defines Simple Elements and Complex (attribute Elements)

Common Aggregate Components Schema

Defines Complex (Parent) Elements


Uses attributes to describe relationships between elements

XBRL Specification 2.1

Rules and Syntax for XBRL Instance Documents and Taxonomies

Caculation LinkBase

Describes the mathematical relationships between elements in a taxonomy by defining how a series of elements sum up to another element.

XBRL Taxonomy

Defines elements and relationships; schema for a particular reporting group

Decimal attribute for "accurate value"

decimals="INF" or decimals="2"

Decimal attribute for "in thousands"


Decimal attribute for "in millions"


Decimal attribute for "percent"



Discoverable Taxonomy Set

XBRL Instance Document .xml

Footnote Disclosures Tagging found in ______.

Presentation LinkBase, XSLT

A method of presenting the data in an instance document


Native XML language for processing XML documents into other forms

IFRS Instance Document

Same structure as XBRL Instance; different Taxonomy


What must be filed with SEC, contains: Instance Document; Extension Taxonomy; LinkBases; All imported Schemas

Structure of SEC Extension Taxonomy

1. Schema Root Element, namespace declarations
2. Annotation/appinfo (link:linkbaseRef, link:roleType)

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