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  1. charisma
  2. superfluous
  3. lucid
  4. pithy
  5. dawdle
  1. a concise and full of meaning,brief, to the point
  2. b more than is needed, desired, or required
  3. c personal appeal or attraction; magnetism
  4. d easily understood, mentally clear,rational
  5. e take one's time; more than necessary

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  1. lessen in amount or intensity
  2. persistent, attentive, diligent,hard working
  3. examination of one's own thoughts and feelings
  4. become powder or dust by pounding
  5. Identification with and understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives

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  1. perpetuallasting for eternity


  2. trepidationexamination of one's own thoughts and feelings


  3. synopsisan inclination to think or feel alike,common feelings,sensivity


  4. havocgreat destruction or confusion,chaos,damage


  5. infectiousappropriate, well chosen; marked by well-being or good fortune, happy


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