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  1. Chain reaction
  2. Nobel gases
  3. Neutralization
  4. Physical change
  5. Alkali metal
  1. a Substance does not change chemically, like sugar water, cutting hair, making trail mix.
  2. b Process in which the products keep the process going.
  3. c Element in the far left column of the periodic table.
  4. d Process that produces water and salt.
  5. e Do not react naturally with other elements, like argon, neon and xenon.

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  1. New compound formed when added together.
  2. Body's main energy source, especially in respiration. Sugar is an example.
  3. Substance that's present before a chemical reaction starts.
  4. Amino acids are combined to make a larger molecule.
  5. Needs constant energy to continue, usually a decrease in temperature.

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  1. LipidOrganic compound that contains many carbon-hydrogen bonds but few carbon-oxygen bonds.


  2. Nuclear FissionNuclei with smaller masses that combine to form one nucleus with a larger mass.


  3. Chemical reaction examplesChange in color, formation of gas, heat.


  4. StarchNatural organic compound.


  5. Balanced equationAlpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays.


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