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  1. virtuoso
  2. catalyst
  3. temerity
  4. aesthetic
  5. peerless
  1. a without an equal, incomparable
  2. b recklessness, rash boldness
  3. c pleasing to the senses, artistic
  4. d something that causes or speeds up a process
  5. e a master performer, expert

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  1. inadequate, lacking in quality and quanity
  2. wholesome, promoting good health
  3. noble but unwise
  4. to put down
  5. faithful

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  1. staticinactive, not moving


  2. subjugateto dominate, to bring under control


  3. authoritariansharp and bitter, harsh


  4. articulateto dishonor


  5. dissonanceto say bad things about, criticize


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