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  1. windward
  2. subtropical climate
  3. tributaries
  4. adapt
  5. Mediterranean climate
  1. a summers are hot and humid or very moist. Winters are mild
  2. b the side from which the wind is blowing
  3. c a smaller river that flows into a larger one
  4. d to make suitable or fit: adjust
  5. e a climate like that of countries near the Mediterranean Sea with mild wet winters and hot dry summers

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  1. very moist
  2. an imaginary line that lies 23.5 degrees nothe of the equator
  3. large slow-moving sheets of ice
  4. an area of rich land at the mouth of a river
  5. it has four seasons with long cold winters and hot wet summers

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  1. hydroelectricpower created by running water


  2. tropicsthe depression formed from the impact of a meteorite


  3. basina low area of land


  4. climatethe average weather conditions over a period of time


  5. precipitationhow much rain, sleet, snow that falls from the sky


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