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  1. delta
  2. hydroelectric
  3. river system
  4. subtropical climate
  5. Tropic of Capricorn
  1. a summers are hot and humid or very moist. Winters are mild
  2. b an imaginary line that lies 23.5 degrees south of the equator
  3. c a group of rivers that are joined together
  4. d an area of rich land at the mouth of a river
  5. e power created by running water

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  1. the level at the surface of the ocean
  2. very moist
  3. the average weather conditions over a period of time
  4. to prevent the flow of water
  5. the higher up the mountains the colder it is

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  1. Marine west coast climatea climate from southeast Alaska to California that has mild, cloudy summers and wet winters


  2. craterslarge slow-moving sheets of ice


  3. humid continental climateit has four seasons with long cold winters and hot wet summers


  4. adaptto prevent the flow of water


  5. basinto prevent the flow of water


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