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  1. In the value chain model, primary activities are most directly related to the production and distribution of the firm's products and services that create value for the customer.
  2. A manufacturer of deep-sea oil rigs may be least concerned about this marketplace force.
    A) product differentiation
    B) traditional competitors
    C) low number of suppliers
    D) new market entrants
  3. A(n) ________ company uses networks to link people, assets, and ideas, enabling it to work with other companies to create products and services without being limited by traditional organizational boundaries or physical locations.
  4. The primary activities of a firm include
    A) inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, sales and marketing, and service.
    B) inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, technology, and service.
    C) procurement, inbound logistics, operations, technology, and outbound logistics.
    D) procurement, operations, technology, sales and marketing, and services.
  1. a TRUE
  2. b virtual
  3. c A
  4. d D

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  1. FALSE
  2. FALSE
  3. TRUE
  4. TRUE
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  1. A large bureaucracy existing in a slowly changing environment that produces standard products and is dominated by centralized management making is classified by Mintzberg as a ________ bureaucracy.
    A) machine
    B) professional
    C) divisionalized
    D) multidivisional


  2. An example of a professional bureaucracy is a
    A) small startup firm.
    B) school system.
    C) mid-size manufacturing firm.
    D) consulting firm.


  3. Which of the following can force a business and its competitors to compete on price alone?
    A) transparent marketplace
    B) high product differentiation
    C) poor process efficiency
    D) demand control


  4. The effect of the Internet has been to raise bargaining power over suppliers.


  5. In the age of the Internet, Porter's traditional competitive forces model is still at work, but competitive rivalry has become much more intense.


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