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  1. Which industries did the first wave of e-commerce transform?
    A) air travel, books, bill payments
    B) air travel, books, music
    C) real estate, air travel, books
    D) real estate, books, bill payments
  2. In network economics, the more people that use Microsoft Office software and related products, the greater its value.
  3. All of the following are major features of organizations that impact the use of information systems EXCEPT for
    A) business processes.
    B) environments.
    C) goals.
    D) agency costs.
  4. A(n) ________ activity is a part of the organization's infrastructure, human resources, technology, and procurement that makes the delivery of the firm's products or services possible.
  5. ________ is a competitive strategy for creating brand loyalty by developing new and unique products and services that are not easily duplicated by competitors.
  1. a TRUE
  2. b Product differentiation
  3. c Support activities
  4. d B
  5. e D

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  1. C
  2. A
  3. A
  4. TRUE
  5. C

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  1. The four major types of competitive strategy are
    A) low-cost leadership; substitute products and services; customers; and suppliers.
    B) low-cost leadership; product differentiation; focus on market niche; and customer and supplier intimacy.
    C) new market entrants; substitute products and services; customers; and suppliers.
    D) low-cost leadership; new market entrants; product differentiation; and focus on market niche.


  2. The most successful solutions or methods for achieving a business objective are called
    A) value activities.
    B) best processes.
    C) core competencies.
    D) best practices.


  3. The use of Internet technologies allows companies to more easily sustain competitive advantage.


  4. Benchmarking
    A) compares the efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes against strict standards.
    B) allows industry participants to influence industry-wide standards.
    C) is used to measure the speed and responsiveness of information technology.
    D) synchronizes the business processes of customers, suppliers, and trading partners.


  5. One type of competitive advantage Amazon was able to implement in selling books over the Internet was that of being a new market entrant.


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