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  1. clinical depression
  2. Plants could contain pesticides
  3. 225 million
  4. DDT
  5. 15-44
  1. a pangaea
  2. b What environmental factor may have caused a decline in peregrine falcons?
  3. c chronic, chemically based, can occur for no reason, biological disease
  4. d depression is the leading cause of disability among U.S. adults from what ages?
  5. e the bad about genetically engineered plants?

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  1. how many species go extinct annually?
  2. how much of the earth's water is fresh?
  3. species in food webs have evolved together so they are dependent on the presence of each other
  4. a disease caused by a deficiency in vitamin d
  5. what was brought from Europe to North America for honey production?

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  1. skinprotects internal organs and tissues from exposure to pathogens, and prevents water loss


  2. Fire antsritalin, adderall, cocaine


  3. biodiversitytake a gene from an animal or plant and insert it into an agricultural plant. -> the engineered agricultural plant makes the protein specified by the inserted gene.


  4. melanina pigment that gives skin its color


  5. mimicryfound in ethiopia in 1974
    3.2 million year old ancestor of humans


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