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  1. verbal warning written warning suspension probation demotion termination criminal prosecution
  2. HIPAA
  3. superior
  4. policy holder subscriber member
  5. respiration rate
  1. a in health insurance the insured is known as what
  2. b number of breaths per minute
  3. c Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
  4. d list five of the disciplinary standards resulting from misconduct
  5. e term that means uppermost or situated above

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  1. if the physician no longer wishes to treat a HMO or a PPO patient, termination is handled according to the same method that is used when discharging patients who are insured under private insurance
  2. list three things that can be done to avoid having patients hear confidential information regarding other patients
  3. state laws may bar the use of a signature stamp
  4. if a child has health insurance coverage from two parents, according to birthday law
  5. in front and above

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  1. preexistingconditions that existed and were treated before the health insurance policy was issued are called what


  2. cranialwhat body cavity contains the brain


  3. therapeuticpertaining to therapy


  4. truenotes, papers, and memos regarding patient information should be disposed of using a shredding device


  5. deductiblethe amount that must be paid each year by the insured before policy benefits begin


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