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  1. respiration rate
  2. the health plan of the person whose birthday falls earlier in the calender year will pay first
  3. gunshot wounds child abuse extremely contagious diseases
  4. deductible
  5. civil law
  1. a the amount that must be paid each year by the insured before policy benefits begin
  2. b confidentiality is automatically waived in cases of
  3. c most legal issues of private health insurance claims fall under what law
  4. d number of breaths per minute
  5. e if a child has health insurance coverage from two parents, according to birthday law

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  1. conditions that existed and were treated before the health insurance policy was issued are called what
  2. term for objective evidence of a disease
  3. pertaining to the spine
  4. disappearance of the characteristics of malignant tissue
  5. list five of the disciplinary standards resulting from misconduct

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  1. symptompertaining to the spine


  2. prognosispredicted outcome of a disease


  3. HIPAAHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996


  4. trueterm for objective evidence of a disease


  5. theft false statement fraud obstructionHIPAA amendments to the Criminal False Claims Act cover what four areas


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