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  1. Communalists
  2. Voting Rights Act of 1970
  3. Voter Apathy
  4. Australian Ballot
  5. Activist
  1. a a militant reformer
  2. b gave eighteen year olds the right to vote in federal elections beginning January 1, 1971.
  3. c Those who join organizations and participate in politics but not in partisan campaigns.
  4. d a lack of interest to vote, a "Whatever" attitude
  5. e a uniform ballot printed by the government distributed at the polls and able to be marked in secret.

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  1. The population that is eligible to register to vote
  2. Citizens who are eligible to vote after reaching the mininmum age requirement.
  3. amendment to the constitution giving women the right to vote
  4. literacy requirement (understanding of the constitution) as a condition of voting
  5. an amendment to the US constituion, adoped in 1971 and lowering the voting age from 21 to 18

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  1. White PrimariesDemocratic primary in the south that was limited to white people; ruled unconstitutional in Smith v. Allwright


  2. Motor Voter Billa lack of interest to vote, a "Whatever" attitude


  3. Grandfather Clausesexempted citizens from restrictions on voting they, or their ancestors, had voted in previous elections or served in the Confederate military


  4. Complete Activistsa militant reformer


  5. CampaignersVote and get involved in helping in campaigns. Better educated than the average voter and have strong political ties to a party.


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