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  1. capital gains
  2. savings bonds
  3. diversification
  4. fraud risk
  5. net asset value
  1. a the risk that an investment has been misrepresented
  2. b money that is made by selling an asset like a home or stocks
  3. c to buy a variety of stocks or other investments to spread risk
  4. d the investment value of each share of a mutual fund, or the pirce per share that you can buy a fund
  5. e bonds issued by the federal government as a way of borrowing money; they are purchased at half the face value and increase every 6 months until full face value is reached

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  1. stock prices are rising, investors are optimistic
  2. stocks are usually purchased in multiples of 100 shares, called _________.
  3. the price of the stocks divided by the earnings the company made for the last year. Listed in most stock quotes, it is used to determine how cheap or expensive a stock is compared to other stocks
  4. the government agency, established in 1934, that protects investors in stocks and bonds.
  5. a measure of stock market prices based on thirty leading companies of the New York Stock Exchange

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  1. bear marketstock prices are rising, investors are optimistic


  2. liquidityan investment that is easily converted into cash


  3. common stockshares of ownership in a corporation that give stockholders voting rights and a portion of future profits (after holders of preferred stock are paid)


  4. New York Stock Exchangethe largest stock exchange, located in New York


  5. initial public offeringthe first time a corporation's stock is offered for sale to the public


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