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  1. What is beyond Violet
  2. Two models
  3. Electro-magnetic waves
  4. Light travels in _____ lines
  5. What is beyond Red
  1. a Ultra-violet
  2. b Infra-red
  3. c It is Light. Can travel with the absence of matter
  4. d straight
  5. e Particle and Wave

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  1. Lunar and Solar
  2. White Objects
  3. Red
  4. Infra-red
  5. they are easy to understand difficult things

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  1. Two prisms and a lens: First prism producedWhen an energy transformation takes place...


  2. Both Mechanical and Electro-magnetic waves transmitIt is Light. Can travel with the absence of matter


  3. TranslucentCan't be clearly seen, but does let light pass


  4. Color SubtractionSubtracting wavelenghts


  5. Scale-size itBefore constructing a model, scientists...


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