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  1. Light travels really really fast. So...
  2. Why aren't the commonly excepted colors in the rainbow an inaccurate description
  3. Light from the sun
  4. Why is black black
  5. Two models
  1. a White light is not reflecting
  2. b 8 minutes
  3. c Just visible ones
  4. d It travels instantly
  5. e Particle and Wave

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  1. Can't be clearly seen, but does let light pass
  2. Can only travel through matter
  3. How big is a nanometer
  4. same light, bigger space
  5. Ultra-violet

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  1. Two prisms and a lens: First prism producedWhen an energy transformation takes place...


  2. Two eclipsesParticle and Wave


  3. Scale-size itSubstances that let light pass through certain wavelengths


  4. ShadowA place where an object is blocking light


  5. OpaqueA place where an object is blocking light


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