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WB Science Test 1:00 - 9:00 Basic Questions Test

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  1. Transparent
  2. Filter absorbs colors
  3. What is beyond Red
  4. Light gets dimmer farther away because
  5. Range of Visible light (Wavelenghts)
  1. a Infra-red
  2. b Substances that let light pass through certain wavelengths
  3. c same light, bigger space
  4. d Why does a blue object appear to be black when looking through a red filter
  5. e 400 - 800 Nanometers

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  1. Before constructing a model, scientists...
  2. Light
  3. they are easy to understand difficult things
  4. Can only travel through matter
  5. When an energy transformation takes place...

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  1. Color White was associated withPurity


  2. EnergyLight is a form of


  3. Where is the most heatA mix of colors


  4. Two prisms and a lens: First prism producedWhen an energy transformation takes place...


  5. Light travels from the moon in1 second


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