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  1. What are the commonly excepted colors in the rainbow (Term)
  2. Color Subtraction
  3. Energy Transformations/Light!
  4. Two eclipses
  5. Both Mechanical and Electro-magnetic waves transmit
  1. a Light
  2. b ROY G. BIV
  3. c Light Produces...
  4. d Lunar and Solar
  5. e Subtracting wavelenghts

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  1. Particle and Wave
  2. Can only travel through matter
  3. Why does a blue object appear to be black when looking through a red filter
  4. How big is a nanometer

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  1. 4 yearsLight from the closest in


  2. Light from the sun1 second


  3. Where is the most heatA mix of colors


  4. What is white lightUltra-violet


  5. Models help becausethey are easy to understand difficult things


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