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  1. A process of asexual reproduction in eukaryotic cells.
  2. The time interval between cellular reproduction when the cell carries on normal life functions.
  3. A three-nuleotide base sequese on tRNA.
  4. Those "nonbiological" factors that are involved in a person's surroundings such as the nature of the people who raise them, the person's friends, and the person's behavioral choices.
  5. The factors in a person's life that are determined by the quality of his or her relationship with God.
  6. tRNA.
    The type of RNA that transfers (carries) a particular amino acid to mRNA at the ribosome during protein synthesis.

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  1. centromereProteins that act as spools which wind up small stretches of DNA.


  2. codonA three-nuleotide base sequese on tRNA.


  3. geneA section of DNA that codes for the production of a protein or a portion of a protein, thereby causing a trait.


  4. genetic factorsThe general guideline of traits determined by a person's DNA.


  5. translationThe first step in protein synthesis by which a DNA template is used to produce a single-stranded mRNA molecule that's a negative image of that DNA portion.


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