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  1. Proteins that act as spools which wind up small stretches of DNA.
  2. Those "nonbiological" factors that are involved in a person's surroundings such as the nature of the people who raise them, the person's friends, and the person's behavioral choices.
  3. The first step in protein synthesis by which a DNA template is used to produce a single-stranded mRNA molecule that's a negative image of that DNA portion.
  4. The general guideline of traits determined by a person's DNA.
  5. The region that joins two sister chromatids.
  6. The time interval between cellular reproduction when the cell carries on normal life functions.

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  1. messenger RNAmRNA.
    The RNA that performs transcription (the first step in protein synthesis). It copies the coded message from DNA in the nucleus and carries the message into the cytoplasm.


  2. geneticsA section of DNA that codes for the production of a protein or a portion of a protein, thereby causing a trait.


  3. anticodonA sequence of three nucleotide bases on mRNA that refers to (attracts) a specific amino acid (tRNA anti-codon).


  4. nucleosomesComplex network of DNA coiled around and supported by proteins, found in the nucleus of the cell.


  5. spiritual factorsThe general guideline of traits determined by a person's DNA.


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