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  1. unfenced grasslands in temperate and tropical climates that supply forage or vegetation for grazing and browsing animals
  2. Habitat degradation, invasive species, population growth, pollution, over harvesting
  3. a stand of trees resulting from natural secondary ecological succession
  4. usefulness to human beings in the form of numerous economic and ecological services
  5. managed grasslands or enclosed meadows usually planted with domesticated grasses or other forage

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  1. old-growth forestan uncut or regenerated forest that has not been seriously disturbed by human activities or natural disasters for at least several hundred years


  2. selective cuttingclear-cutting a strip of trees along the contour of the land


  3. wildernesslegally setting aside undeveloped lands


  4. biotic pollutionspecies that can wipe out populations of many native species and trigger ecological disruption


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