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  1. standing order
  2. Drug Distribution Systems
  3. computer-controlled dispensing system
  4. standards of care
  5. history ad physical exam form
  1. a floor or ward stock system, ind presc. order system, unit dose system, automated dispensing system
  2. b newer system for med ordering an administration is this that is supplied by the pharmacy daily, stocked with single-unit packages of medicines. Nurse uses a security code and password, thumb print
  3. c indicates that a med is to be given for a specified number of doses. Ex. cefazolin 1 g q6h x 4 doses. or until said time
  4. d physician on admission to the hospital interviews the patient and given this which lists the problems to be corrected, often referred to as the H&P
  5. e guidelines developed for the practice of nursing. These guidelines are defined by the nurse practice act of each state, by state and federal laws regulating health care facilities by JCAHO and by professional organizations such as the ANA and other agencies.

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  1. all procedures and treatments are ordered by the health care provider on this form which include general care, lab tests to be completed, other diagnostic procedures, and all medications and treatments such as physical therapy or occupational therapy.
  2. administer if needed
  3. gives the patient's name, address, date of birth, attending physician, gender, marital status, allergies, nearest relative, occupation and empooyer, insurance carrier and other payment arrangments, religious preference, date and time of admission to the hospital, previous hospital admissions and admitting problem or diagnosis.
  4. nurses record ongoing assessments of the patient's condition; responses to nursing interventions ordered by the physician or those initiated by the nurse; evaluations of the effectiveness of nursing interventions; procedures completed by other health professionals and other pertinent info such as physician or family visits and the patient's responses after these visits.
  5. summary sheet; consent forms; physician's order form; H&P form; progress notes; critical pathways; nurses notes; lab tests record; graphic record; flow sheets; consultation reports; other diagnostic reports; MAR: PRN or unscheduled med record; case management; patient education record

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  1. verbal ordersinstitutions have policy regarding who can take these orders and transcribe to the order form; must be signed by the MD within 24 hours; v/o or t/o Dr. Smith/A. Sondreal RN time and date


  2. What is included in the safe preparation and administration of the drugDurg Distribution System, interpreting dr's orders, documentation, three checks, six rights, handling controlled substances, helpful resources


  3. Kardexa large index-type card usually kept in a flip-file or separate holder that contains pertinent info such as the patients name, diagnosis, allegies, schedules of current medications with stop dates, treatments and the nursing care plan.


  4. clinical decision-making support systems (CDSS)CPOE is supported by this


  5. unit dose drug distribution systemsingle-unit packages of drugs, clearly labeled package is dispensed byt the pharmacy into drawers assigned to the patient, dispensed to fill each dose requirement as it is ordered. Each package is labeled with generic and brand name, manufacturer, lot number and expiration date.Every 24 hrs the pharmacy refills the drawers (3-7 days in LTC); this is the safest and most economical method of drug distribution in use today. ADVANTAGES: Little nursing time required; pharmacist is more involved, able to evaluate each order; less drug calculations by the nruse needed so less chance of error; less wastage and misappropriation; pt can be credited for unopened drugs. DISADVANTAGES: Nurses must administer a med prepared by someone else; may lead to delays in starting meds if no stock is on unit; requires presence of pharmacist which may be unavailable or expensive


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