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Principles of Medication Administration Test

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  1. The right drug
  2. medication orders
  3. flow sheets
  4. renewal order
  5. summary sheet
  1. a client's full name; date and time of order, drug name; drug dosage; route of administration and specific directives; time and frequency of adminstration; duration of order for outpatient; sig of physician or health care provider ordering drug
  2. b check the drug name; similar names; check expiration date; know the drug action, read label 3 times (before removing the drug from the shelf, before preparing or measuring the actual prescribed dose before replacing drug on shelf or before administration)
  3. c This is a condensed form for recording info for quick comparison of the data. Ex would be diabetic, pain and neurological.
  4. d must be written and signed by the phsycian before the nurse can continue to administer the med.
  5. e gives the patient's name, address, date of birth, attending physician, gender, marital status, allergies, nearest relative, occupation and empooyer, insurance carrier and other payment arrangments, religious preference, date and time of admission to the hospital, previous hospital admissions and admitting problem or diagnosis.

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  1. prescriptions for patient's leaving hospital; presc given at clinics, outpatient surgeyr; additional info may be written "take with meals"; duration; pharmacies require patient's age and address on the presc
  2. after initial data collection, this is done and this incorporates nursing diagnoses, critical pathway info, and physician-ordered and nursing-ordered care.
  3. currently license to practice; clear policy statement authorizing the act; signed med order; understanding of rationale for drug use; UNDERSTANDING of drug action, dosing, dilutino, route and rate of administration, side effects adverse effects to report, contraindications
  4. indicates that a med is to be given for a specified number of doses. Ex. cefazolin 1 g q6h x 4 doses. or until said time
  5. PRN medications are recorded on a separate MAR sheet referred to as this

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  1. case managementif a portion of med must be discarded due to smaller prescribed dose, two nurses must check the dose, preparation, and portion; both must cosign the inventory control record to verify transaction


  2. The right routethe order will specify time; hospitals have policies that determine which hours meds will be given when they are ordered; such as daily (be familiar with the policy), to be effective many meds be given on a rigid schedule; often has to be planned around pt's schedule; meals; drug interactions; one time only for emergency meds (check to see if med has already been given, document immediately, prn meds should be charted immediately)


  3. individual prescription order systemPRN medications are recorded on a separate MAR sheet referred to as this


  4. Procedure for signing out a controlled drugPRN medications are recorded on a separate MAR sheet referred to as this


  5. laboratory tests recordall lab test results are kept in one section of the chart called this


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