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  1. nursing care plan
  2. The right drug
  3. Guidelines for entries made on nurse's notes
  4. wasting
  5. Medication errors
  1. a check the drug name; similar names; check expiration date; know the drug action, read label 3 times (before removing the drug from the shelf, before preparing or measuring the actual prescribed dose before replacing drug on shelf or before administration)
  2. b 1. completing records, including vital signs, immediately ater making contact with and assessing of the patient, that is when first admitted or returning from a diagnostic procedure or therapy. 2. recording all PRN medications immediately after administration and the effectiveness of the med. 3. Changes in a client's status and who was notified. 4. Treatment for a sudden chang in a client's status. 5. Transfer, discharge or death of a client.
  3. c after initial data collection, this is done and this incorporates nursing diagnoses, critical pathway info, and physician-ordered and nursing-ordered care.
  4. d if a portion of med must be discarded due to smaller prescribed dose, two nurses must check the dose, preparation, and portion; both must cosign the inventory control record to verify transaction
  5. e a drug is given to wrong pt; wrong drug is given; wrong route; wrong dose; wrong time; wrong rate of administration; drug that is contraindicated given; drug given to pt that has known allergy; unordered or unsage med is given; given with an incompatible substance; protocals for reporting errors differ between institutions

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  1. depends on severity of effects on the pt; if due to carelessness or negligence of the nurse, the nurse may be held legally liable; repeated errors cannot be ignored
  2. after verification of an order, a nurse or another designated person does this to the order from the physician's order sheet onto the Kardex or onto a MAR.
  3. institutions have policy regarding who can take these orders and transcribe to the order form; must be signed by the MD within 24 hours; v/o or t/o Dr. Smith/A. Sondreal RN time and date
  4. nurse makes a professional judgment on its acceptability and safety of drug order, including type of drug dose and dose preparation, therapeutic intent, route potential allergic reactions or contraindications
  5. administration at a certain time but only one time.

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  1. other diagnostice reportsReports of surgery, EEG, ECG, pulmonary function tests, radioactive scans and radiograph reports are usually recorded in this section of the patient's chart


  2. PRN orderadminister if needed


  3. clinical decision-making support systems (CDSS)floor or ward stock system, ind presc. order system, unit dose system, automated dispensing system


  4. Drug administration resourcesfloor or ward stock system, ind presc. order system, unit dose system, automated dispensing system


  5. progress notesadminister if needed


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