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Antebellum/Civil War Test

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  1. Ambrose Burnside
  2. Second confiscation act
  3. Espirit de corps
  4. George B. McClellan
  5. Freeport Doctrine
  1. a A general who skillfully reorganized Union forces, after McDowell was demoted, in the first year of the Civil War, but drew wide criticism for repeatedly failing to press his advantage over Confederate troops.
  2. b The bond among the members of the 154th New York Volunteer Infantry that went beyond simple allegiance to their comrades to a true devotion of the regiment itself
  3. c An American soldier, railroad executive, inventor, industrialist, and politician from Rhode Island, serving as governor and a U.S. Senator. As a Union Army general in the American Civil War, he conducted successful campaigns in North Carolina and East Tennessee but was defeated in the disastrous Battle of Fredericksburg and Battle of the Crater.
  4. d The second Confiscation Act, passed July 17, 1862, was virtually an emancipation proclamation. It said that slaves of civilian and military Confederate officials "shall be forever free," but it was enforceable only in areas of the South occupied by the Union Army.
  5. e Stephen Douglas's doctrine that, in spite of the Dred Scott decision, slavery could be excluded from territories of the United States by local legislation. This was advanced at the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858 in Freeport, Illinois.

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  1. Fifth chief justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, remembered principally for the Dred Scott decision(1857). He was the first Roman Catholic to serve on the Supreme Court.
  2. Union army officer who commanded a prominent regiment of African American troops during the American Civil War. His regiment's shining hour came on the evening of July 18, when it heroically assaulted Fort Wagner, an earthwork that defended Charleston. Nearly half of the regiment's troops were casualties—including Shaw, who was killed—but the attack had proved to the world the mettle of black soldiers.
  3. A series of seven debates between Democratic senator Stephen A. Douglas and Republican challenger Abraham Lincoln during the 1858 Illinois senatorial campaign, largely concerning the issue of slavery extension into the territories.
  4. 8th president of the United States (1837-41) and one of the founders of the Democratic Party. He was known as the "Little Magician" to his friends (and the "Sly Fox" to his enemies) in recognition of his reputed cunning and skill as a politician.
  5. Government girls were women who, during the Civil War, took government jobs that had previously been held by men but had been vacated as the men left to fight the war.

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  1. CopperheadsU.S. Army officer and public official who was active in Democratic politics in the mid-19th century. He was defeated for the presidency in 1848.


  2. Dred Scott caseU.S. Army officer and public official who was active in Democratic politics in the mid-19th century. He was defeated for the presidency in 1848.


  3. David WilmotHe introduced into Congress his famous Wilmot Proviso, calling for the prohibition of slavery in the vast southwestern lands that had been newly acquired from Mexico. The Wilmot concept, which failed in Congress, was a direct ideological antecedent to the Free-Soil Party.


  4. John Clfford PembertonAmerican mapmaker and explorer of the Far West, an important figure in the U.S. conquest and development of California. He ran unsuccessfully as the first Republican presidential candidate in 1856.


  5. Joseph JohnstonJoseph Johnston was a career U.S. Army officer, serving with distinction in the Mexican-American War and Seminole Wars, and was also one of the most senior general officers in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. After, he served a term in Congress and was commissioner of railroads under Grover Cleveland.


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